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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Becht Breaks Down TB-ATL Game


Through the first three games of the Buccaneers season, it can be easy to assume that the team has dug themselves into a deep hole. As a former player, I can assure you that's not the case. Every snap on film of the Bucs season so far tells a story. Every block, every pass, and every run is a teaching tool for this team to improve. I'd like to sugar coat the start of the season and guarantee you that it will all improve, but I can't. The reason being is that each individual player and coach has to dig deep. Its very simple on the short falls of the season. It comes down to turnovers and missed opportunities. After last weeks game I turned on the tape and saw a team that was in the position early in the game to continue drives on offense and take away the football on defense. The question is what happened. I'm a firm believer that players make plays and no matter what the play call is if you execute your assignment good things will happen. The Buccaneers offensively and defensively need to execute their assignments better and more consistently. When the opportunity comes your way as a player you have to make that play. The question now is how do the Bucs turn this around. Here's three things the team needs to do:1) BE OVER CRITICAL OF YOURSELFAfter a tough stretch of games for me as a former player I needed to critique myself harder. Find something to better my game in practice each day. Review the tape harder to find out what I could do as and individual to be better on Sundays to help my team win.**

Behind the scenes photos from Thursday night's game in Atlanta.

2) ONE PLAY AT A TIMEYou can't get back the entire season on one play but you never know which play will turn the game around. Each game is made up of 5 or 6 key plays that swing the game your way or to your opponents. My mentality was every snap was my last and only snap. Whatever my assignment was on that play, I made sure that I did my job. When eleven guys get that mentality every snap, the ship will surely sail.3) RELAX AND HAVE FUN**At the end of the day its still the same game every kid played in the back yard. When you start a season 0-3, players can get uptight and begin thinking too much. Trying to be perfect on every play instead of letting there god given abilities and instincts take over. There's know question the dial will be turned up on the players by the Bucs coaches this week, and it should. Sometimes to refocus and recharge players, coaches have to shake things up. I'm not quite sure what Coach Lovie Smith will do to get the ship back on track, but I know that leaders will lead and players will follow and continue to fight.

No player, coach, or fan ever thinks or believes that their team could start a season 0-3. The reality is that it happened. Adversity will hit ever team in the NFL at some point during the season. How they react will define the character of team.There's 13 opportunities left for the Buccaneers to figure it out. If each player touches on these three things everyday. They can turn this season around.

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