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Better Fit: John Ross or Corey Davis?

Which player would be the better fit for the Buccaneers at No. 19?


The Buccaneers have been linked to several wide receivers in various mock drafts, but no players' names have appeared more than Washington's John Ross and Western Michigan's Corey Davis. With that, Buccaneers.com contributors Andrew Norton, Scott Smith and Joe Kania debate which player would be the better fit in Tampa Bay:**

Some of the top shots of Washington wide receiver John Ross.

Andrew Norton: John Ross**

With Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson on board, and a successful slot receiver in Adam Humphries, taking a wide receiver might be a luxury, but if either Ross or Davis are considered best player available, it would just be one more big-play weapon for Winston. Assuming that the Buccaneers would be more in the market for a slot receiver, I pick the smaller Ross, who is the fastest man ever measured in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. With Evans and Jackson on the outside, Ross could see a lot of shorter passes come his way and use his speed to create the explosive plays that Dirk Koetter is always looking for in his offense. Bonus: He also comes with kick return experience, leading the NCAA in kickoff return yards in 2014.  

Scott Smith: Corey DavisI fully expect to be alone on this one, and I'll be as happy as everyone else if the explosive Ross ends up in a Buccaneer uniform. But if I'm on the clock and both of these receivers are there, I'm taking Davis and hoping Ross doesn't end up in Atlanta or New Orleans. I'm thinking long-term here, because I think the Bucs' current combination of Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson on the outside, Adam Humphries in the slot and Cam Brate on the line is already quite promising. Which of these two, Ross or Davis, do I think will be the better long-term complement for Evans? That's Davis. He's not as big as Evans, but he's big, much bigger than Ross. He's not as fast as Ross (who is?) but he can get separation and he can run after the catch. While Ross might end up being something special (like, say, the next DeSean Jackson?), I believe Davis is the better bet to be a star NFL receiver. And, my goodness, have you seen his four-year stats at Western Michigan? His 5,278 yards and 52 touchdowns on 331 catches works out to an average per-game line of roughly 7-106-1.**

Some of the top shots of Western Michigan's Corey Davis.

Joe Kania: Corey Davis**
You're not alone, Scott. With Jackson joining the Buccaneers, the team now has two standout wide receivers who are totally different types of players. Jackson's forte is speed and his ability to create big plays while Evans is a big-bodied red zone target. I see Davis as a player somewhat in between Evans and Jackson, while Ross' skill set and Jackson's are fairly similar. At 6-foot-3 and 210 pounds, Davis can play both inside and outside, while Ross (5-foot-11) might be delegated to the slot as a rookie. And, to echo what Scott said, I agree that Davis will be the better long-term investment at a position where the Bucs already have some depth.

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