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A busy audio-visual Monday on reached a peak with Warrick Dunn on the Pewter Power Hour


Watch Head Coach Tony Dungy's press conference and listen to Warrick Dunn's Pewter Power Hour, both live Monday on

Monday is a transition day in the National Football League.

Coaches and players go over the game film from Sunday's contest, grade performances and look for problems that need to be addressed. Men that suffered injuries the day before begin their week of treatment in the training room. A light, late-afternoon workout helps loosen up the muscles.

Then it's on to the next game. The coaching staff begins its game-planning for the upcoming opponent – for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it will be the visiting Minnesota Vikings – and the players prepare for the week ahead.

Today, you can watch and listen as the Bucs go through that transition process by visiting the Buccaneers Broadcast Network throughout the day right here on

Here's a schedule of what to look for:

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