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Brooks' Bunch - Africa 2000

A day-by-day account of Derrick Brooks' amazing trip to Africa


Derrick Brooks' trip to Africa is a dream come true for 20 local boys and girls

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pro Bowl LB Derrick Brooks is in the midst of an unprecedented community program, a 12-day tour of Africa with 20 members of local Boys & Girls Clubs. Brooks and his young friends have spent months studying, researching and learning about Africa, and now they are turning their book knowledge into real-life experience.

There are actually close to 40 people in Brooks' Africa entourage, including chaperones, security, community relations personnel and a trio of media representatives. Included in that group are writer Charlie Nobles and photographer Gary Rothstein, who are sending periodic updates of the Africa 2000 trip back to Tampa. You can follow the adventures of Brooks and his Bunch by reading the stories as they appear below.

In addition to the reports sent back by Nobles, the Buccaneers' community relations staff is providing their own personal take on each day's events, periodic Postcards from Africa, if you will.

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