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Buccaneer Quotes, Nov. 9

Playing on Monday Night Football means some added recovery time for hurting players this weekend but also a compressed schedule next week...Plus injuy updates and other topics

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held a 90-minute field session on Saturday morning, but to them it was really Friday. The typical end-of-the-week review practice allowed the team to focus on some specific game situations, and when they were finished they were still more than two days away from their next game.

It's exciting to play on Monday Night Football, but it also disrupts the usual schedule, both before and after the game. Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano said that either the Buccaneers or their Monday night opponent, the Miami Dolphins, could gain an edge by working that schedule the right way.

"The players had their last work today, which we just ended, [and they] have a bigger window of recovery time; so does Miami," said Schiano. "I think whoever uses that recovery time best will have an advantage, especially when you're in Week [10], From a coaching standpoint, there are some different challenges because Tuesday you need to be ready to game plan for the next game at seven a.m. Everything has to get done in advance. I remember being an assistant coach having to do my drawings and look at the other opponent and then mind-erase it and go play the game Monday night and coach the game. There are issues that come up, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Monday Night Football, in our stadium, at home, it's great."

The Bucs' upcoming prime-time appearance wasn't the only topic Schiano discussed on Saturday. Below are the rest of his post-practice thoughts, including updates on several injured players.

(Opening statement)
"[It's a] Friday that is a Saturday. The whole week is screwed up. You live by football days or chronological days. It was a good chance to shine up first and second down, third down, red zone. We get about 55 hours until we play and we've got to get it all straight in our heads so we can go out and execute."

(On safety Dashon Goldson's health)
"Dashon is full-go."

(On putting running back Doug Martin on injured reserve)
"We wanted to give it a couple of weeks to see how much he strengthened. Every guy is different. He did get better, but not well enough that we felt comfortable putting him in a football game. You never know until you try it and he was going to need to strengthen and get the thing ready for surgery, even if he was going to have it now. He's in the best physical state to have this surgery now and will have it shortly."

(On if the team has a timeframe for Martin's return)
"Not yet. First he's going to decide which surgeon and then we'll get an exact time frame from him"

(On the specifics of Martin's injury)
"I'll let Doug discuss that. He has an issue there in the shoulder that needs to be repaired."

(On if there is any new information on guard Carl Nicks' injury)
"Nothing more than we knew already. Sometime next week or the week after maybe we'll have an update."

(On if the team has less recovery time following Monday)
"You do and that's part of the deal too. I think we have some veteran guys that have done it and [they] will help lead our younger guys in how to handle it. And we have coaches that have done it. As long as you give the road map how to do it our guys follow the road map and have done a good job, just like going out west. All those things, I think our guys believe in the methodology and how we do things. We spend a lot of time researching that stuff to get the most efficiency out of it."

(On if Miami defensive end Cameron Wake is moved around frequently)
"No, they don't move him around very much at all. You're going to know where he is for the most part, unless they decide that's the game plan this week. You're going to have a good idea where he is. That makes him even more impressive because he still makes his plays and you know where he is."

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