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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneer Quotes, Oct. 14

Head Coach Greg Schiano

(On injuries sustained during the Philadelphia game)

"Yeah, [running back] Jeff [Demps] has a groin [injury]. Don't know to what extent that's going to be. We'll have to see as the week goes on; I think he's getting further testing right now so I may know more tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm trying to think if there are any others. I think [wide receiver] Mike Williams will be coming back this week, which will be good."

(On center/guard Jeremy Zuttah)

"I think Jeremy's going to be OK."

(On whether guard Carl Nicks will need surgery)

"He's getting further evaluation as we speak and I think we're just going to make sure that we use every resource available to do what's ultimately best for Carl and try to get this thing licked."

(On Glennon's decision making compared to his first start)

"I thought his decision making was pretty good and his first start as well, I thought he improved, though, in his second start. I thought offensively we improved, still not where we need to be, but the arrow's going in the right direction, got to keep progressing. But as far as Mike's performance goes, I think he's getting better."

(On the lack of points scored during the second half of games this season)

"Up until yesterday, we hadn't scored a lot of points, period. Then, in then in the second half, costly turnovers on the plus-side of the field. The [Arizona] game, we put the ball in the ground right at midfield after the fake punt. This week, we're driving the ball the length of the field, we're on the plus side and we throw the interception. Those are the tough plays, you can't turn the ball over when you get in scoring position, you've got to go score."

(On whether cornerback Darrelle Revis took too much blame from the Philadelphia loss)

"I didn't read that quote, but Darrelle is making a lot of plays, he's shutting people down  in a lot of different situations. Nobody's going to be perfect, so I think when asked about a particular play, Darrelle's a straight shooter [and] he's going to tell it the way it is. [The reporter] probably didn't ask him about all the plays that he covered the guy and they didn't throw to him because he was covered. I think he's doing what we brought him here to do and as he gets more and more comfortable, physically, coming back and gets more comfortable with his teammates and the scheme and everything, it's only going to get better and better."

(On the two touchdown receptions by Philadelphia wide receiver DeSean Jackson)

"Well, two good plays by a very good player. We helped out on the deep one, the deep crossing route. We didn't exactly execute the way that we planned to execute on Darrelle's route. Sometimes you get one-on-one, good throw, good catch. Just as [quarterback Nick Foles] let go of the ball, he got smashed, but that's the NFL. It's a game of inches."

(On whether player focus has been affected by recent events)

"Well then I need to lead better, because nobody cares [about what distractions are being faced]. The other 31 teams—this is the most competitive sports league in the world and we have to find a way to win, and, whatever the distractions are, we collectively have to push them to the side. It doesn't mean you don't care about them, it doesn't mean you don't do the things that are needed to be done, but we're here for a reason: to win football games. And we need to do that. We haven't, [but] we're going to, and maybe limiting the distractions is – well, not limiting, because sometimes you don't have control, but just not allowing them to affect you. That's what we need to do."

(On whether he has set a timeline for seeing production from his coaching system)

"I really don't. I've never done that in anything I've done, whether it was an assistant coach taking over a particular portion of a defense, whether it was coordinator or third down or whatever it was I was in charge of, or secondary, and then when I became a head coach, I never looked at it and said, 'Hey, this timeline that timeline,' because my philosophy is always do the very best you can and then go to bed at night with no regrets and that's what I do. I have no trouble falling asleep. Bust your rear end all day, do it as hard and as smart as you can and then wake up and do it again the next day. That's just been my philosophy, so I don't put a timeline on it. Certainly, we've got to win. I understand that I'm not naïve to any of that, but I don't sit there and say by this date, this should take hold and then this date this should take hold, because there are too many variables to predict. How do you predict a lot of things that happen in life? It's hard to do."

(On being 0-5 and if he worries about the players being able to stay motivated)

"I think we have very strong leadership and I think the leadership will just keep us locked in; the coaches, myself, everybody. This is a group of men that are committed to each other, committed professionals, guys who love the game. One of the things when you – [General Manager] Mark [Dominik] and I talk all the time about finding guys who love the game of football and guys who love the game of football, generally, are intense competitors because it's the most competitive game there is. So I'm counting on all that for us to go out Wednesday and be ready to roll. I know our quarterbacks will be in here tomorrow grinding on the initial game plan and our coaches will do the same and we'll crank it up and go see if we can win in Atlanta."

(On what message he uses to keep the team motivated)

"Well, you're right, it is private. I'm not going to share what we talk about in there. It's the sanctity of the locker room or the meeting room. But my belief, in general, just philosophically, is to keep it real and this is where we are, this is what we did. We, not they or us, we, and this is what we need to do. The Knute Rockne stuff, there's a time and a place for it, but they're grown men who are busting their guts to win they're as disappointed as I am, and it's just our jobs as coaches to decipher and look at and then give them constructive feedback and then help them move forward. And that's what we're going to do."

(On the offensive line)

"I think those are two separate questions: how the offensive line is playing and then those particular calls [holding penalties from the Philadelphia game], right? Because we haven't had a lot of holding penalties and then all of a sudden we had four of them yesterday. Again, you look at any tape and you say, 'I'm not so sure about that. Oh, he shouldn't do that,' but then there are some that I actually thought could've been called and weren't. At the end of the day, there are certain things as offensive linemen we need to do. One of the things, any time a defensive linemen goes to the ground, there's a high likelihood there's going to be a call even if it's not holding. We need to keep them up. Everybody likes to use the word [phrase] 'I pancaked him.' Well, the reality is that's not always the best thing. But there were at least two of those that when you watch them, there's no doubt. It's a shame. I said yesterday, and, again, I don't think that the plays went for yardage because there were holds – that's the more even frustrating thing – but, net-net, you get penalty yards against plus you lose the yards you've got, so that was a significant amount of yardage that could lead to scoring points."

(On the overall performance of the offense)

"Overall as a group, we've played well at times and we've played not well at times. That sounds like a wishy washy answer, but it's not. It's exactly the truth. We need to be consistent. Why? Because we can."

(On fans being frustrated)

"Well I can imagine how frustrated they are. Absolutely. I can guarantee you they aren't more frustrated than I am. No matter how fervent the fan they are, but that doesn't make it OK. I understand we're disappointing a lot of people in this community, an area that is very passionate about their team and had high expectations – as I did – and so far it hasn't come to fruition. The only thing I can say to the fans and I know this sounds [cliché], if they hang in there, we're going to be good. If they can't [hang in there], we're still going to be good and then they're welcomed back. I'm not being smart, I mean that. I think our fans are great. When I came out to start the game, warm-ups, our fans were awesome. At the end of the game, I'm disappointed like they are. I understand anything and everything, that's disappointment. And the fact our fans care as much as they do, I think that's awesome. When we get it turned, it's going to be really special."

(On what gives him the confidence that the team will turn it around)

"Well I've seen us do the things that we need to do to win, in pieces. When you look at yesterday's performance, defensively we didn't play to the level that we've played [in previous weeks]. Quite frankly it's the lowest output [Philadelphia] had offensively, but that's not what we're in it for, it's not that. We were capable of doing some things – credit to the Philadelphia Eagles, no doubt they made plays – but some of the stuff where we didn't execute, we're capable of doing it. Again, when you can't, that's a different story, but when you can and you don't, that frustrates you. It frustrates the players and it frustrates the coaches. I guarantee you there has never been a player that I've coached that's said 'Let me go out there and do this technique wrong so they other team can make a gain.' I tell the coaches that as frustrated as we get, I guarantee the player is not trying to do it wrong. So either we haven't communicated it clearly enough or there's something standing in the way of him physically, if he can physically do it. Again that's always the thing. Or is that guy across from you better and we're asking you to do something you can't do. I didn't see that yesterday, I think that's our number one job is to make sure we put players in the position to make plays. We have to make sure we continually do that as coaches and then we have to do the little things. It doesn't matter if you lose by one or you lose by 21, a loss is a loss. But when you say 'What makes you feel like you're going to win?' it is that we had plenty of opportunities to win every football game we've been in this year and we have found ways to lose them. Now I am accustomed to being on the team that finds ways to win them. I'm not doing my job – and I've done it before and need to do it again, where we expect it and we go do those little things that allow you to win."

TE Tim Wright

(On preparing for games)

"I look forward to every Sunday, but, most importantly, I look forward to the week of practice because I feel like you win the game or you win your battles, you win running routes against a defender, during the week in practice. I look forward to those days to perfect my craft and try to work on little things to beat the defender on Sunday."

(On the improving offense)

"It's definitely starting to click. Making the switch to tight end, I had to learn a lot of things, the ins and outs of the position, learning how the defenders – how the linebackers are going to cover me, how the safeties are going to cover me – because I'm on the inside now. I'm getting a better understanding of how they're playing me, so I can react and I can do different things from that position now."

(On working with quarterback Mike Glennon)

"We came in together as rookies and we spent a lot of time during the offseason throwing routes on air and getting that timing down, that connection. You never thought, down this line, that we'd be the two hooking up together at this point, but it happened, and it's starting to show for us."

(On Head Coach Greg Schiano)

"I feel he's sticking to what he knows. He's a great head coach, and I feel like our success is going to come soon. We've just got to keep buying in, everybody, together, being a team effort, and it's going to come for us."

(On how close the team is to winning)

"I think it's right there. Like [Schiano] always preaches to us, we're not losing games by 20 points. It's very close. It's just something that we've just got to click on to get that five percent to get over the hump to get it done."

(On getting a chance as a starter)

"I think that comes from my preparation. [Although] I was a fourth-string, fifth-string [tight end] at the beginning of the year, I felt like I prepared as a starter. [With] the injuries that happened, I felt like it was my time to step up. It wasn't too much pressure on me – I took it as I should – and I think I'm getting it done."

(On who has helped him most in the transition to tight end)

"I think my tight end coach, Coach [Brian] Angelichio. I'm with him in all my meetings every day. He teaches me the little things. He was at Rutgers as well. I stepped into the tight end position a couple times at Rutgers, but it was just some schematic things. Now, being there fulltime, he's definitely taught me a lot about the game from that position. I would give all the credit to him."

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