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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneer Quotes, Oct. 18

Head Coach Greg Schiano

(On trying out some different receivers in practice and if there is one being added)
"There are a couple receivers, just doing our [due diligence]."

(On Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams' progress)
"We'll see how he responds from today."

(On Buccaneers guard Davin Joseph's progress and if he's improving)
"He is."

(On Buccaneers running back Jeff Demps and whether or not he'll be able to come back after the surgery)
"I think he can bounce back. I can't tell you for sure but I think he can bounce back. Give it a week or so, just see how he's coming along."

(On if he and the team feel comfortable going into the Georgia Dome)
"I don't think any of that has anything to do with this Sunday's game. I don't think many people are comfortable in the Georgia Dome, [with] the noise and all those things. Our confidence comes through preparation and I think we've had a good week of preparation. It's not done yet, we have work to do today and tomorrow, but I think our guys have practiced well and they should be confident in that. It's quite a challenge, we're going on the road against a well-coached football team that has talented players in all three phases. We're going up against the elements, which is the noise, basically, in that dome. We've tried to simulate it as much as we possibly could at practice all week but especially today, we cranked it up a little louder today just so they could get the true feel. If it's any louder than it is today, it will be an OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] restriction and we'll probably have to call the game."

(On the Atlanta receivers injuries and how much more attention will that cause him to pay to Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez)
"You're going to pay attention to Tony anyway. It's important to realize, no matter what, when they line up in three wide [receivers], those three wide guys are NFL football players. They may not be [Atlanta wide receivers] Julio Jones and Roddy [White] but they are NFL football players and they can beat you over the top, they can beat you underneath and they can beat you everywhere in between. We've got to cover. So many times you see that and then Monday morning you pick up the paper and 'This guy had seven catches and 139 yards' and you sit there and say 'How did that happen?' We're certainly going to pay attention to Tony Gonzalez, he's a great player, but we've got to make sure we cover everybody. [Atlanta quarterback] Matt Ryan is very good at distributing the football and by that I mean reading out the play and going and taking what the defense gives you. We've got to make sure we cover all of our bases."

(On facing an injured at Atlanta team)
"We're not quite sure who is going to play and who is not going to play, we have an idea. We have our injuries too. At this time in the league year, everybody's got injuries. I think what happens is you show up Sunday and whatever team you have, you have to play with and win. That's what we're going to try and do, I'm sure they're going to do the same. They're in a tough spot, it's two teams with their backs against the wall. It's going to be a great contest."

(On defensive end Adrian Clayborn coming back from last season's injury)
"Adrian is coming along. He is playing awfully hard. We need [him] to play a little more precise, but he's playing really hard and I think as we move forward – when you give the effort like Adrian does, you make some plays even when you're not doing it exactly right. As he gets it more precise, he's going to be a real force to be reckoned with and that's what we need him to be, that's why we brought him here."

(On what Clayborn needs to be more precise with)
"Everything. He's been away from the game for a while, now he's getting back into it for sure and he's getting oiled up. We have a few of those [players returning from injury]. We just have to get back to being precise. It's like anything else, when you get away from it, it doesn't just come back automatically. I can see signs of it coming back for a bunch of guys, that's what we need to do. We need to get running on all cylinders soon."

(On if cornerback Darrelle Revis' return from injury has changed the way the team uses him)
"No. He and I talk all the time and he tells me he's not all the way back, but I kind of expressed in here, whatever percent you want to put on him – I think that's kind of hokey sometimes, how does a guy know I'm exactly 97.5 [percent]? Whatever he is, he's a good player and he's played really well for us in five football games. [He's] another guy though that the first time he walked out on a game field since he tore his knee was the opener, [against] the [New York] Jets. What are we talking about five games? He played 50 something [snaps] in that game, now he's played more each game. He's just going to get more and more comfortable. I thought this week's practice was the best week of practice he's had since he's been here. I really did and he's just fun to coach. This guy understands ball, he's physically and mentally talented and he loves it. It just a matter of time. He's already made plays, it's not like I can't say he's not made plays, but I think once he starts really feeling it – and who knows when that's going to be? I like what we have now, I look forward to liking it even more when he's 100 percent."

(On what effect cornerback Darrelle Revis has had on the defense)
"You know, what's had an effect is he and [safety] Dashon [Goldson], their leadership and their knowledge. Sometimes – the leadership thing – they say leadership and people picture a guy leading cheers and stuff. I'm talking leadership in the meeting room: "Hey, look, I'm just telling you this guy likes this" or "When you see that kind of split, get ready for this." Granted, coaches tell you that all the time, but a guy who has Darrelle's reputation and the career that he's had, a young player looks at that and says, "Oof, yeah." It's really helpful when you have guys like him and Dashon in that secondary room who are doing a great job [of] not only teaching it amongst themselves to make sure they're on the same page but teaching it to everybody in the room. I think [safety] Mark [Barron] has had huge benefit from that. He's practicing well too, Mark. I'm excited. Unfortunately, we let a couple go over our head [against Philadelphia] and it just sours [everything]. These guys have played well and we've got to put those ones that got over our head [behind us]. That happens sometimes. I've coached the position for a lot of years. You're going to have your days where, sometimes, they fly over your head, but you've got to flush it and you've got to move on, because we're got a good secondary and we've got to play well this week because we're facing a real good quarterback."

(On the Atlanta defense)
"They're talented. [Atlanta defensive end] Osi's [Umenyiora] got four sacks. He's bringing it – and violent sacks too – off the back end. He's bringing it. As I talked about yesterday, I always worry – you know, [Atlanta cornerback] Asante Samuel's a dangerous player. He's a guy who can take the ball away, and we've got to be careful there. We've got to make sure that we're not careless, at all, around him because he's done it to everybody, and guys who have coached against him that are on our staff said, "Yeah, I remember this one, he got us at this place." When enough guys that have been around keep saying, "He got us, he got us, he got us" and then I can stand up and say, "Yeah, he got us too," that's enough. For whatever reason, statistically, it isn't looking [good], but you know how that goes. That goes kind of in trends. You can get that back. It's a long season. We're only five games into it. But we need to continue to perform well on third down. We've been able to do that much better than we did last season and we've got to keep doing that. That's going to be critical for our success to extend drives and important to us having a chance to win this game."

WR Mike Williams

(On how he feels)
"Great. Yeah, real good. Great."

(On being on the practice field with quarterback Mike Glennon and wide receiver Vincent Jackson)
"When all three of us are on the field together, it's real good. We get to see how his [passes] are and he gets to see how we like running routes and we get to all talk to each other. It's been good so far."

(On the Atlanta Falcons)
"Going against Atlanta, every year – we already know, in the first half [of games this season], they're like 85-14 against all their opponents or something like that, so we know we're going to have to put up points. It's very important for us to go down and make plays and get touchdowns instead of [field goals]."

(On the team's confidence going to Atlanta after having won there last season)
"We're confident, but the bad part about it is that was our last win and we're five [games] into the season. We've got to get our stuff together here and not worry about any of that and try to get on a winning streak – win one game at a time. Hopefully we can go down to Atlanta and get a win."

(On playing two teams with losing records the next two weeks)
"It's in [our] favor. No matter who we're playing, we've just got to win our games. We've got to win our next game and keep winning. That's how you get in the playoffs around here."

(On if he's surprised Tampa Bay and Atlanta have a combined 1-9 record)
"I actually look at it as a 0-0 record of two teams, and we're both going into the game [looking] to be 1-0 after that game."

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