Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneer Quotes, Oct. 9

Head Coach Greg Schiano

(On the latest in injuries)

"[Tight end Tom] Crabtree practiced today, [defensive tackle Derek] Landri practiced today, [guard] Carl [Nicks] was limited, [safety] Dashon Goldson was limited and [wide receiver] Mike Williams was limited."

(On if Carl Nicks' injury was to the same toe he had injured previously)

"His same foot, I don't know that for sure [if it's the same toe]. I think it is the same, but I'm not sure. I shouldn't comment, because I'm not 100 percent sure, but it's the foot. But he was out there at some point."

(On the Eagles offense)

"The run game is a little bit different. The pass game is very conventional, it's just how they do the run game with the 'gun-run' that's just a little bit different. They do run the read-option sometimes, sometimes they don't. Not every time they hand the ball off out of shotgun is it read-option, they do a good job at mixing it up, and they determine if they want the quarterback to have a chance to run the football. I think what really sets their offense apart is how well-coached they are, number one, and number two the talent they have. If you look, they have talent in every area, and best in class talent in every area. Shady [running back LeSean McCoy] is running at an incredible level – a record breaking level. Whatever the quarterback situation is – is [quarterback Mike] Vick going to play, isn't he going to play? We saw [quarterback Nick] Foles last year, so we know he can play. Whoever it is, we've got to be ready. Offensively, they're humming right now, [like] a well-oiled machine."

(On if this upcoming game is a good test to see where they stack up defensively)

"Well it is, although, there are some things that aren't like we're going to see many other weeks this year. It's a little different to say is that a good predictor of future success? I don't know if that's true. We need to stop these guys though, I'm not worried about predictors of future success or future games, we're worried about the Eagles. Philadelphia, like I said, is well-coached and very talented so it's going to be a huge challenge for us, no doubt."

(On what kind of challenges might the Bucs face when it comes to the speed and tempo of the Eagles)

"A big one, they're the most up-tempo team I think there is in our League. You can see that their getting more and more of what coach wants as far as – so much of 'how fast can you go is what do you do with the football, do you hand it over to the official right away? All those things that give the defense a second or a click more to get adjusted [help], because when you see the big plays, it's not like some of those runs that are big gashes aren't extravagant scheme. They block people, they read one guy – and the guys aren't quite in their stance, they're in the vicinity [but] they're not quite ready to go. And like I said, when Shady's got the ball in his hands, at times, it looks like a video game. Some of the cuts he makes humans aren't supposed to be able to do that so it's pretty special."

(On if he thought Philadelphia Head Coach Chip Kelly could make a successful transition from college to the professional level)

"Chip's an excellent coach so I had no doubt that, offensively, they were going to move the football and they were going to score and all those things and he's doing what I thought he'd do. Football is football, how you choose to attack it, you've got 11 guys, they have 11. [There are] different ways to skin a cat, but if you're a good coach and you have good players, you're going to move the football and you're going to score and that's what they're doing."

(On his experiences dealing with up-tempo offenses)

"Everybody likes to group them into one type of category and they're different because of the tempo with which they run. We probably played two teams that have approached their tempo in my last season in college. It was becoming more and more en vogue each year in college football, so like half the schedule or more ran gun-run but it's the tempo and the different things that made them different. A lot of the teams – not a lot, all of the teams that did it – were copying them. Chip started doing this stuff back in New Hampshire and that's kind of been something that's kind of taken over college football."

(On if he has any defensive tricks to slow the Eagles offense down)

"No, there aren't any tricks. We don't control the tempo, they do. Now, if you hit them hard, that helps, they don't get up as fast but we're not into the – we're not going to feign any injuries or any of that stuff to slow them down. That's not what we do, that's not in the spirit of the game."

(On how having Foles start instead of Vick changes the Eagles offense)

"I think they have their offense, so they're going to run the base core of what they do. Now, as I said earlier, they can control if it's true read-zone or not or read-stretch or not or do you have to run the quarterback run. Mike was running purely quarterback sweep, pulled a guard and a tackle and [ran] out of the gate, a guard and a center really out the gate. Those were all determined by the coach, he calls the plays. You don't have to do it that way and I think that's where you can tinker with the system, but the plays themselves are the same and don't ever guess 'Well he may not carry it,' because the one time you guess that, guess who has got it? The quarterback's got it and he's running up the field with nobody there to tackle him. It's hard enough when you're trying to take care of them. What that offense forces you to do is play assignment football; they spread you out and make you tackle in space."

(On if playing this type of offense forces the defense to adjust from its normal schemes)

"I think in the fact that you have to be able to play really precise, assignment defense. How many things can you do at a high rate of speed? That's what gets you is you've got to kind of pair it down. Their run game, it's not like its 70 run plays you've got to get ready for, it's just they do what they do well and they do it very fast. It kind of shrinks down to 'Who's going to execute better?'"

(On if going against Chip Kelly presents a unique challenge)

"It's not me. I'm like one of the coaches, our defensive staff led by Bill Sheridan, he's leading the defense. I'm in there helping as much as I can, but I'm also in the other room and I'm in special teams. I don't ever look at it as like me versus somebody, I look at it as us versus the Eagles and that's what it's going to boil down to. Make no mistake, it's a big challenge for our defensive football team, for sure. Not that's it's not for our offensive team – we've had our struggles, it's documented – but right now we're talking about stopping that offense which right now is, like I've said, is at historic levels if it continues at this pace."

(On if the team has simulated the Eagles tempo in practice)

"We try, you try to do that. We have experience – one of the things, it's not a trick but we have experience at practicing that way so to get the scout teams, to do some different things. At the end of the day, maybe you get it to 60 percent compared to what they're going to do on game day. Often times you look at the beginning of the game, you've really got to get your feet up under you, which is something that is a challenge."

(On improving the run game and getting running back Doug Martin going)

"Certainly we're working on our run game and Doug's a huge part of that. He's performed at a high level this year in individual games it's just when you look at the body of work, we haven't, as a unit, performed at the level that we want to. But certainly, Doug is a big part of that so part of our self-evaluation was just that. How are we going to be more effective in the run game? What are we running? Are we running the stuff we're best suited to do, built to do? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, so that's where the tweaks and adjustments are made."

(On if he thinks linebacker Mason Foster has improved from this time last season)

"I think Mason made a jump in his performance, I think he's playing better than he's ever played.  I think he's playing at a high level, he's playing at a NFL middle linebacker level that you can get excited about. Now, the challenge is going to be over the long haul, can we do that consistently? It's not going to be that steep climb that I think he's made in the last six months, but can we continue a gradual climb the rest of the season? Because I think he really is becoming a very good linebacker."

(On what has been holding back the offensive line and how they hope to improve)

"A combination [of things]. I know that's always my answer, it's never one thing but really, because it never really is one thing. There are some technique errors for sure, there are some schematic things that [offensive coordinator] Mike [Sullivan] and our offensive staff and I, we've talked about. We're going to tweak this and tweak that, which obviously I wouldn't go into in this setting. I do think we're going to be improved, I think we're going to come out and play well offensively, I do. I think our guys are practicing that way, I feel there's a good vibe going right now with our offensive football team and we've just got to go out and do it. Now, again, practice is one thing and games are another."

(On his thoughts on Hard Knock being mandatory for certain NFL teams to participate in, excluding those that make it to the playoffs)

"Let's make it to the playoffs."

Offensive Coordinator Mike Sullivan

(On finding more success for the running game and running back Doug Martin)

"Well, we took a hard look at everything and its similar in a lot of cases to this time last year, where you have an early bye and,  really, it comes at a good time, because we break down everything: the technique, the scheme, the players, the plays, et cetera. I think there are instances we can look this season where Doug's done some very, very good things and he's run the ball well. There are other times where, there are various reasons whether it's a physical mismatch or whether its schematic disadvantage or just a play called at an inopportune time, where he hasn't been able to get on track in terms of everyone else around him. I think as we are looking to move forward here with the rest of the season, we fell very, very confident about the types of runs we want to center our offensive game plan around, some of the adjustments that we need to do to go ahead and maximize his effectiveness and then knowing that this is a tough guy, a young man that's in great shape, but also knowing that it is a long season, so there's some other individuals that maybe would get some touches to kind of complement him and be able to give us some more versatility as an offense. We've taken all of those things into account and I think we'll be in good shape."

(On monitoring the number of rushes for Martin)

"He is [being utilized heavily], and we're aware of that and I think again he'll probably be the first person to say, 'I want more, I want more.' But that's our job, kind of taking a bigger view of things and looking at what we want to do with as far as down the road, some of our longer term goals. I feel very comfortable and very confident with where we're at after the bye week, having really taken a hard look at what we need to do to fix our problems."

(On using Martin more heavily in the passing game)

"We'd like to and there's been some instances even with some throws down the field – in New England where we tried to isolate him on a linebacker. We've had some instances and he had a couple of catches in this most recent game to catch one and the ultimate result is 15 or 16 yards because of his run after catch, so I think he started to hit his stride in the middle of last season and on through the latter part of last season in terms of getting more touches and certainly anytime we can get him into open space where he has the ball in his hands and the closest defenders are where you guys are, as opposed to him having to hit a tight crease, that's advantage us and advantage him. We're definitely looking at that and that's not something we've made a conscious decision to get away from, it's just a matter of trying to implement that along with some of the other things we try to do to find our balance, get our identity, get ourselves playing some consistent football that we can all be satisfied with."

(On if he'll get running back Jeff Demps involved more in the passing game)

"Jeff's a very, very fast, explosive player. [He had] a couple touches for us were some big plays – a -14-yard run on a jet-sweep type of play and then caught a very simple diagonal and you open your eyes and there's a nine-yard gain. I think it would be foolish for us not to explore every option and look at someone who has his explosiveness and his talent and not do some things that help us and let those defensive coaches have more to worry about and have to figure out how to solve and make that be a complement to what we're trying to do."

(On calling more shot plays this year)

"That's one of the things, absolutely. I think that is a part of who we are who we want to be and the two go hand-and-hand. If you're able to effectively run the ball, then that opens up the shot plays and the ability of hitting the shot plays is easier said than done. But there's no question that has been an emphasis for us and it's been very exciting to see. While it's [only] practice, but still the type of chemistry that's developing and some of the things that are taking place with Vincent [Jackson], with Mike Williams, and now with the other receivers, with Tiquan [Underwood] coming into the fray and [Eric] Page and so forth and the tight ends, so there is some of those things we're working on and hopefully we can add that to who we are moving forward."

(On what has he seen in tight end Tom Crabtree)

"I think Tree has a versatility that I think presents some problems for defenses and helps us as an offense. I think he is strong enough and physical enough to do the things you want to do in the run game, pass protection if necessary, and yet still athletic enough and fast enough to win the one-on-ones to get separation, show the quickness that we want in our intermediate routes. So you have a Timmy Wright who is a great mismatch in a lot of cases on a linebacker as far as in the pass game and we have to be smart about the things we want to do with him in the run game. A guy like Tree gets himself back in football shape and he's healthy and he's ready to go we saw enough from him that we felt there's a versatility there that enables us to have him be on the field and keep the defenses honest. Is he going to be in pass protection, is he going to be blocking inline, is he going to be release and do a vertical route or an intermediate route? So that's probably the biggest strength he has, we're hoping he gets back so we can take advantage of that."

(On quarterback Mike Glennon's leadership)

"I think Mike [since] the day he got here has had a great work ethic and a maturity about him. Talk about those rookies that are 22 going on 42 in terms of just really knowing when it's time to focus and bear down and put in the time. I think his teammates, through practice at least and even in the most recent ball game, have been able to see a guy that it's not too big for him, that he is willing to stay in there and put his face in the fan so to speak. In the pass plays, he doesn't get rattled in terms of his first time out the gate with the huddle calls. He's putting in the time, he's showing maturity, he's making some plays, there's been a level of execution and tempo that we've had that's been very, very good and that's a credit to Mike and all the hard work that's he's doing and I think his teammates have responded to that. Despite how difficult things have been for everybody, certainly for us on offense, to see a guy get an opportunity and make the most of it and hit the ground running, I think the other offensive players and even some of the defensive players are taking note of that and now it's just a matter of trying to transfer that from what we've seen in practice and his one shot out the gate, so to speak, in this last game to getting some momentum and doing it on the field starting this Sunday against Philadelphia."

(On if there is optimism that the offense will improve)

"The one thing that can't change is our record. We can't go back in time and get those games back, but it is an opportunity, having gone through the bye week and taking a hard look ourselves and identifying who we are, what's our identity both in the run game and in the pass game, and Mike Glennon is our quarterback and moving forward with him. I think it does give us a sense of optimism. You have to go one at a time and right now we're not even thinking about the game, we're thinking about today's practice and it'll be about these meetings and it'll be about tomorrow's practice, but there is an optimism, a sense of the past is the past and all we can do with that is what we did do and that's learn from it and take a hard look at what were the things we did well, what did we not do well, why did we not do well in those areas? [Then] work to fix them and move forward. To answer your question, I think, yes, there is a high level of optimism and focus on the task at hand and eagerness to move forward and play the type of offense we know we're capable of playing."

(On if he feels the offense will prosper against the Philadelphia defense)

"You know what, whether a team's been playing well defensively or they haven't been playing well, with some of the issues we've had, we should be the last offense of any of the offenses of the 32 teams to be looking at, 'Well this is what they do, this is what [we want to do].' We've got a lot of our own fires that we've needed to put out, so to speak, and what we'll focus on. I know [Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator] Bill Davis he's a heck of a coach, I spent a year with him there in New York [Giants] in 2004 before he was, obviously not Philadelphia, this was before and I know he'll have those guys ready to do. [Philadelphia linebackers] Trent Cole and Connor Barwin, it's a talented group, they present problems from the standpoint of being the 3-4 [defense], odd spacing and then being able to do some even spacing and the pressures. They did a heck of a job against the Giants and they're some similarities structurally to what the Giants do offensively to what we do offensively. We know that we're going to have a heck of a challenge and right now our focus is just, as we've alluded to here this afternoon, the things we need to get better at, getting better at and moving forward."

(On the positives he saw through the first four games)

"I think one of the things, when you look at the numbers on third down, we're in a position, certainly not leading the league or in the Top 10, but far better, and if we were to pull out the third-and-11-pluses, we have too many the third-and-11 pluses, 15, it's almost four a game which is too many – but if we looked at ourselves as far as our efficiency from third-and-1 up to third-and-10, excluding the third-and-11s, we're somewhere near that 50-percentile mark. So efficiency, if I had to pick one that jumps out – certainly not good enough, can get better, but is a slight bright spot in an otherwise dark-in-many-areas first four games – that would be one."

QB Mike Glennon

(On learning from his first start during the bye week)

"I think the bye week came at a great time – just to be able to watch that film a few times, you get more comfortable and then get the extra practice in last week and then get a jumpstart on Philly [the Philadelphia Eagles]. To be able to watch the film and kind of get the game plan ahead of time has helped my preparation and will help us have a better feel for things come the game."

(On the Philadelphia offense)

"They're definitely an explosive offense. I know they're one of the top offenses in the league right now, and we know we're going to have to do our share on offense to score points and stay on the field as long as possible. We know the task at hand with their explosive offense. It brings a task, for us as an offense, to keep them off the field and for us to score more points than them."

(On if the passing game needs to help open up the run game for Buccaneers running back Doug Martin)

"I think so. Teams are kind of loading the box up right now, because he's a great running back and we have great offensive linemen, so that's what they're going to do until we prove that we can throw the ball over the top of them and make them get out of it. That's something we know will happen and something that we'll prepare for, but we'll also prepare for other things that they do. We feel confident in our passing game as well."

(On tight end Tom Crabtree)

"He was really coming on strong at the end of camp there, and it was unfortunate to see him go down that last preseason game like that, but he definitely is someone that can help our team out. I don't know what his status is, but he would make our team better."

(On if getting more reps with wide receivers Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams since the last game has helped)

"Definitely. I really hadn't gotten a whole lot of reps with them during camp, because I wasn't going with the ones [starters]. I've thrown more balls to them in the past two weeks than I had the past few months, so I think that definitely helps develop a chemistry and we'll continue to grow on that as we go on."

(On producing on offense to keep up with Philadelphia's up-tempo offense)

"At the end of the day, it's really just about scoring more points than the opponent. That's our job as the offense: to score more points than them. We're just going to take it one play at a time, one series at a time, and hopefully, along that way, we'll improve as an offense from previous weeks. But really, we're just focusing on winning and scoring more points than them."

(On being told that one of the hardest things to do is win an NFL game)

"We still, unfortunately, haven't done that, so I still think it is extremely hard to do – just the preparation leading up to it and then, once you're out there playing, how every play is important and each individual play can decide the outcome of the game, good or bad. We have talented players, but they have talented players too, and I think that's what's kind of different from college to the pros is all 22 players on the field are really talented. Hopefully we'll pull one out this week and I'll feel what it's like to win."

(On nerves in his first start)

"I felt pretty comfortable out there right away. Obviously, I was a little anxious to get out there, excited, a little nervous, but when I got out there, I felt comfortable right from the get-go. I took a hit early and I felt good to go from the first play on."

(On knowing when to take shots downfield)

"That's what we talk about is that, really, a lot of times, five or so plays will make the difference in the game and, when those shots are there, take them. We'll kind of know when they're there, when it's open like that, to take it, but at the same time, we want to manage the game and not turn the ball over, because that's such a huge part of wins and losses, the turnover margin. [We need to] just trust our training and believe our eyes and when we see it there, let it rip."

(On being confident he can make all the throws necessary)

"I still have confidence in my arm that I can put it anywhere. They have great [defensive backs] but I feel like we have pretty good receivers, too, so sometimes, you've got to just believe your eyes and, like I said, let it rip. But, at the same time, there are times where we're going to take a check-down and not let a possible good play turn into a bad play."

DT Gerald McCoy

(On the Philadelphia offense)

"I was looking at tape today – I watched the Washington [Redskins] game [from Week 1] – and I was just timing the plays and the first play, because it was a touchback, the first play was, of course, at 15:00 [minutes in the quarter], the next play was at 14:47, and the next play after that was like 14:32 or something like that. It was like [snap, snap, snap]. I'm like, 'They can't be running plays this fast.' But then you look at the play count – they're leading the league. Shady [Philadelphia running back LeSean McCoy] has 98 carries. The only way to be able to do that is you have to be getting a bunch of plays out. It's up-tempo. We've just got to be ready for it. I think, with how we prepare here and how we train here, we'll be all right, conditioning-wise. We've just got to make sure we ignore all the bells and whistles and just focus on our keys."

(On the key to being successful against the Philadelphia offense)

"Just do your job and pay attention to your assignment. They do a lot of shifts and motions and stuff is flying all different ways, but if you focus on one thing, it's pretty easy to pick up, because it's not very complicated, but it is at the same time."

(More on defending against the Philadelphia offense)

"You've just got to focus on your assignment and what you've been told to do on that particular play. You don't want to do more than your job. Just do your job, whatever that is, and focus on that. When you try and do more, because you try and cover this guy up or you're trying to make a play, that's when they catch you off-guard and they hit those big passes or big runs."

(On Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles)

"He is, I think, an underrated passer, underrated athlete. He beat us a lot last year with his legs, his scrambling ability, and I think people underestimate his athletic ability because he plays next to a Mike Vick, but that guy's good. He beat us last year, so we know what he can do, and we have a tough test ahead of us."

CB Darrelle Revis

(On how the team feels coming off the bye week)

"I think fine.  I think we're going to be good the rest of the way. There wasn't a better time for us to have it.  I think guys got to get away and get their minds off football a little bit."

(On Philadelphia WR DeSean Jackson saying he's faster than Revis)

"I'm not fast.  I've never been fast.  I'm not fast; he's fast.  Fast people are allowed to say those types of things.  I've covered him before in the past and it was a good battle.  We'll see what happens this time around.  I'm not here to discuss who's the fastest.  I'm not running for the Olympics and he's not either.  I'm just here to compete and play."

(On if he can stay with Jackson)

"I did in the past.  It's no problem."

(On his play the first four weeks)

"I'm not there yet.  I feel like I'm not there yet.  I've still got to improve.  It's a long process with an ACL injury.  The good thing about it is that I'm improving every week and just trying to get better, that's all."

(On the pace of the Eagles' offense)

"I think that's the most challenging thing, that they have the no-huddle.  We see it on film…sometimes the camera man can't even get those guys on film because they've started the play.  We've been working on that and we're trying to keep up with their pace.  Coach Schiano has us in no-huddle and they're substituting, two guys coming on and off, and we've got to prepare for that."

(On if the Eagles' offense is a good measuring stick for the  Bucs' defense)

"No, no.  I think we're fine.  We're going to come out there and play aggressive football.  We're going to come out there and attack people. That's what we want to do – we play aggressive.  They're up-tempo [approach], it's tough.  Trust me, I've played against Tom Brady and some of their no-huddle and their fast-paced offenses at time. The only thing we've got to do is we've got to do is just stop them. We've got to stop them and get them off the field."

(On Mike Glennon's leadership)

"Mike, he has that demeanor like a quarterback's supposed to have.  He comes in here, he works hard and he has a leadership role to him.  He's doing what he needs to do.  He got the starting job.  He's starting; there really is nothing else to say."

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