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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneer Quotes, September 30

A brief selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from Tuesday’s media availability.


BUC BIT OF THE DAY: During his nine seasons as an NFL head coach (2004-12), Buccaneers Head Coach Lovie Smith posted a record of 21-13 in October, including winning his last six games played during the month. His .618 winning percentage was the seventh-highest mark in the NFL during that time.TIGHT END AUSTIN SEFERIAN-JENKINS

(On overcoming adversity to earn a win at Pittsburgh)* "At the end of the day, a win is a win. You just want a 'W,' so any way you can get it, we'll take it. We'll keep building on this and keep getting better off of it."(On quarterback Mike Glennon being able to throw the ball into tight windows) "He's going to put it in tight spots and that's what you want because he's going to give me an opportunity regardless of someone being on your back or if it's a tight window, he's going to give you that opportunity to catch the ball. It's great to have that."(On working with Glennon throwing the fade route) "It takes time to develop, but we hit a fade-and-out route and the end that won the game. If there's one to work, then that's the one you want to work. It takes time, we're all just getting used to each other still. It's only Week Five, so there's a lot of time that we've got and we have a lot of practice ahead of us this week. I'm not really that worried about it."CENTER EVAN DIETRICH-SMITH(On getting the first win of the season) "I think it feels good to win. It's always a good feeling, it makes things a little easier, but we can't act like that was an 'end-all-be-all' kind of deal. We have to come in next week and prepare like we did last week and we're going to keep taking it one game at a time. You have to stack successes and you can't just let one define you. If you win one and lose the rest of them, nobody's going to remember the one you won. We definitely have to take it as a good thing, something that we can build on, but we have to start taking it down the road and building on 'we can win, we can win on the road and we can continue to do so through the season.'"*

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(On what it does for team to win a close game on the road)* "I think the best thing about it was that no one on the sidelines thought it was over. We were getting coached like we were going to go win it, players were ready, we got the opportunity at the end and I think we all knew exactly what we had to do and we went down there and got the touchdown when we needed it. We didn't give them a lot of time left, it was a good thing by us to sit there and 'It's over and it was right there,' knowing that the defense was going to hold them and we were going to get one more shot at it."(On if playing in New Orleans will provide any challenges) "Playing on the road is tough. They play tough at home there and I'm pretty sure that they have a good record against a lot of people that step in that building. That's how it should be at most places and it shouldn't just be at one spot. You want to make sure that when you have home games, you want to win all of your home games because those are – people are always going to spot you a couple of points because you're at home, so you always want to be make sure that when someone steps into your house you want to defend it – but like I said it's good to go and win on the road. I like playing on the road actually. I always think it's fun to go into another team's place and win, because it's very tough to do. It's very tough to win the league period, but it's even harder to do it on the road. It should be fun. I've never played there before – I'm actually kind of excited about that fact, but other than that we just have to go out there and play some football."(On the crowd noise at the Superdome) "It's loud everywhere. It got loud [at Heinz Field], but you just have to communicate. I know that's something that now that it's our third road game, I think communication up front with the backs or the quarterbacks is getting a lot better. For us, it's been something that we've been able to practice more and more so we're getting better at it." *WIDE RECEIVER LOUIS MURPHY

(On if his friends and family congratulated him on his performance against Pittsburgh)**

"Yeah but that game is over with. We're focusing here on New Orleans, getting ready to go into a hostile environment against a division opponent. So that's my main focus."(On what his focus is heading into another game)

"All is well – that's what Coach Lovie has been telling us – if we just do our job. My thing is make sure I look at myself in the mirror and make sure I make the plays that I need to make. I think everybody else is on the same page on doing their job. So I think we'll be OK in New Orleans."**

(On having the opportunity to step up as wide receiver Mike Evans deals with an injury)**

"It's a big opportunity and I'm going to take full advantage of it. That's part of football: if one guy goes down, the next guy has got to step up. That's been happening across the board for the entire team – guys have been having to step up and step into roles that they're not used to. But I'm ready for this, [I'm] prepared for it and I'm ready."(On being unsigned last Monday and then playing against Pittsburgh on Sunday)

"It doesn't surprise me. I've been focused and preparing since March for this season. I'm just ready to go."(On the team's confidence level)

"I think it's getting up there. A lot of things are starting to fall into place. Offense, defense and special teams played very well – all three phases. So that's what we've got to do is keep our confidence high and just keep this ball rolling."(On if he has ever played a game at the Superdome)

"Yes, I have played in the Superdome and it's a hostile environment. It's a great environment – similar to Pittsburgh – especially with a dome, it gets really loud. Division opponent so you know it's going to be very intense."

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