Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Embracing Hard Knocks Cameras

The Buccaneers aren't distracted by the extra attention they are receiving during training camp.

The dozens of cameras throughout the Buccaneers' training facility are hard to ignore. On Friday, when the Bucs took the field for their first training camp practice, filming for the HBO series Hard Knocks kicked into high hear and, with that, came NFL Films' camera crew. But cameras are part of life in the NFL, even if the attention is amplified this year.

"Just look right here, there's plenty of cameras here; that's every day," Head Coach Dirk Koetter said. "Even if Hard Knocks wasn't here, all you folks would still be here, so these guys are used to having cameras. It's part of it."

The season premiere of Hard Knocks is schedule for August 8th, less than two weeks away. There was plenty of action during Saturday's practice, including several deep passes to DeSean Jackson and a few standout plays from Vernon Hargreaves. It'll be interesting to see what makes the final cut for HBO.

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