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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers' Madden '18 Ratings Revealed

The Buccaneers' ratings in this year's Madden video games have been released.

The Buccaneers' ratings in this years Madden video game.

The regular season is right around the corner and with that, this year's Madden video game has hit the shelves. This year's edition features several interesting ratings for the Buccaneers, including a rookie with the No. 1 strength rating and DeSean Jackson splitting the No. 1 speed rating.

Jackson is listed as an 87 overall with a 93 speed rating. Players in the locker room almost unanimously listed Jackson as their selection for the fastest player on the team, but Keith Tandy, Josh Robinson and Josh Huff also shared a 93 speed rating.

One would expect Gerald McCoy to be the strongest player on the team, but that isn't the case. McCoy was awarded a strength rating of 92, one point shy of rookie Stevie Tu'ikolovatu. Interestingly, McCoy was awarded a 69 speed rating, two points behind fellow defensive tackle Chris Baker.

The top players on the team were McCoy and Mike Evans, who were both given a 90 overall. Brent Grimes (88), Jackson (87) and Bryan Anger (85) rounded out the top five. To view all of the Buccaneers' Madden ratings, click **HERE**.

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