Tampa Bay Buccaneers



(On players who are ruled out for Sunday's game)

"Nobody's out for sure – [had] a limited practice with a bunch of guys today. There will be a couple of game-time decisions – we'll see how they run. Right now, we're pretty healthy."

(On how not having both WR Mike Evans and WR Chris Godwin on the field together impacts the offensive gameplan each week)

"It's really hard. Byron [Leftwich] does a good job. I think the harder part is Tom [Brady] not seeing those guys in practice until late in the week. You miss Wednesday, you miss Thursday [and] you get limited reps on Friday and try to play in a ballgame. He's throwing to other guys [during the week] and sometimes that can be really, really hard on a quarterback, especially one that hasn't been with these guys that long. It poses a lot of problems, but we're working through it. Tom's working through it and he's done a great job with some of those young guys, too."

(On which of the seven healthy wide receivers will dress for Sunday's game)

"I wouldn't say they're healthy. They're healthier, but I wouldn't say they're healthy. That's a good problem to have. Special teams plays a big role in it as far as five, six [or] how many you dress. The punt return – Justin Watson does a ton on special teams. There's a lot of little things that go in there. We'll make those decisions as we get closer to Sunday [on] which five or six we dress."

(On if the team will wait until Saturday or Sunday to determine who will fill the 53rd spot on the active roster)

"We're going to wait, probably, until the last minute and see where we go."

(On what he saw from WR Chris Godwin in practice this week)

"Chris practiced the majority of the week and it's the best he's looked in a while. He's still sore, but he was able to get in front of the quarterback and show he's got what he needs to have for this ballgame. It was good to see him out there because people don't realize how big a part of our offense he is."

(On which players benefitted from the extra time since Tampa Bay's last game)

"Probably Mike [Evans] of the guys that played last week – and our offensive and defensive linemen. They've been pounding it pretty good for a while now, so it was a good rest, basically for everybody, especially the big guys."

(On which players will be game-time decisions on Sunday)

"It's a long, long list. [Scotty] Miller, [Chris] Godwin – I think Godwin's going to go. [Mike] Evans, Carlton Davis, Jordan Whitehead, [Leonard] Fournette and Khalil Davis."

(On how the players on the minor injured reserve list and PUP list have progressed)

"Justin [Evans] is the funny one. We think he's getting better – he's starting to run a little bit. [John] Molchon and [John] Hurst practiced to see if they can come back. [Anthony] Auclair is getting close."

(On how QB Tom Brady has handled the inconsistency of the personnel available on offense)

"I think he's dialed in really hard. When you start losing the pieces to the puzzle that you've worked with and start adding new pieces, it takes a little time. I thought he did a great job of incorporating [Jaydon] Mickens, [Cyril] Grayson [and Tanner] Hudson all in the gameplan last week and [he was] not afraid to throw them the ball. Ke'Shawn [Vaughn] has evolved [and] Tyler [Johnson] has evolved. He's got a lot of trust in these guys and hopefully when we get back to full speed, we'll see how it goes."

(On CB Carlton Davis III's availability for Sunday and the importance of him being available against Green Bay's offense)

"It's very, very critical. He's our top corner and he normally shadows the best receiver from the other team. We've got our fingers crossed – he got some work in today, moved around pretty good, twisted a little bit and was not pain-free, but was tolerable. We've still got 48 hours and good thing it's a 4 o'clock game – it helps even more."

(On what WR Chris Godwin brings to the offense)

"He's a premier outside receiver and a premier slot [receiver]. There are very, very few of those guys that can play all over the field and very few block like he blocks. [He] sets up the play action and sets up the tempo because he's a great run after catch guy. He can go deep – he's a very unique animal. He's big in the screen game, he's big in underneath stuff that he takes to the house. Very few guys are like him in this league."

(On RB LeSean McCoy's status for Sunday)

"Shady looks pretty good. He practiced yesterday and today and looks OK."

(On what impacted Tampa Bay's ability to complete deep passes against Chicago last week)

"I don't think we were bad at it. We got a big penalty – we had [Cyril] Grayson wide open and got tackled. OPIs (offensive pass interference) and DPIs (defensive pass interference) – the DPIs don't come in the stats sometimes. 'Deep ball [and] you didn't complete it.' Yeah, we got three PIs, so to me that was a deep ball [completion]. We missed a couple. We picked Mike [Evans] and Scotty [Miller] had run by his guy, so that's just part of the game. We were there, we just didn't hit them in that ballgame."


(On the challenge going against Green Bay's offense that looks to attack vertically)

"The challenge is staying in position to do our jobs. We're going up against a great offense – one of the best offenses in the league right now. Our goal is just to go in there and do our job. Twelve (Aaron Rodgers) is their guy. He's the one who runs the show, so we've got to do our best to contain him and just do our job."

(On what his father has taught him about rebounding from losses in football)

"It's football – you're not going to win every one. He'll say, 'If you have a loss, get back and get ready to go to work. Watch the film, correct the changes and mistakes just learn from it. Grow from your mistakes that you made so you can just get better.'"

(On how Packers QB Aaron Rodgers utilizes all of the players around him in the offense)

"He's good at spreading the ball out. I think that's just what he's great at. It's not like he's just using one receiver, he's using everybody – running backs, tight ends, all three receivers and whoever's out there. He's great at that."

(On how important discipline in the secondary will be against Rodgers)

"We've just got to make sure we're in position and doing our jobs. Don't do anybody else's job – do your job. Don't try to cover anybody else's man – stay in the zone that you're supposed to be in just to get the job done."