Tampa Bay Buccaneers



(On WR Scotty Miller and RB Leonard Fournette's status for Sunday)

"Scotty got some practice today – we'll see how he feels tomorrow. Leonard and Chris [Godwin] will both be out for this ballgame. We'll see how Scotty feels tomorrow."

(On which areas rookie WR Tyler Johnson missed the most during training camp)

"It's a little bit of all the above. Learning the speed of the game – I think he's getting there. [The] game wasn't too big for him last week. [I] would have liked to see him catch that one ball – we had a penalty anyway – but get him a ball before this week. I think Ke'Shawn [Vaughn] will be in there this week, also. He's more than ready. I think rookies now have had close to a month – they've seen what it's like. They should be able to contribute when their number is called."

(On CB Sean Murphy-Bunting's status for Sunday)

"Sean practiced some yesterday [and] he practiced full today. He's ready to go."

(On if Murphy-Bunting will have any limitations on Sunday)

"No. None whatsoever."

(On his message to the fans that will attend Sunday's game at Raymond James Stadium)

"I wish they could have microphones under their masks so they could be louder for 10 people. Just be as loud as you possibly can and enjoy it. Hopefully we play well enough that they could have a great time."

(On the NFL Referees Association requesting unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for coaches who pull down their masks when arguing with an official)

"Rules are rules. We don't need anymore. We've got enough rules."

(On if he is surprised with teams testing positive for COVID-19)

"I'm kind of surprised because if you follow those protocols, it's really hard [to contract it]. Now, there's going to be an exception where a child may get it in school, come home, coach has no idea and [the child] doesn't have any symptoms and they come in the building. Those type of things – they're inevitable if they do happen. So far, that's (Tennessee) the only place it's happened. Knock on wood everybody else can stay safe."

(On if the positive cases in the league have made him reinforce his safety message to the team)

"I think it did itself already. We've talked about it. I talk about it every week – I get tired of talking about it to tell you the truth. It's something that has to be talked about every week [and] the commitment to each other to stay safe."

(On the Chargers' red zone defense)

"They're extremely well-coached and they know their scheme. It's a little bit different scheme, but the big thing for them is they've got such a good pass rush and they match up very well. They make the quarterback execute."

(On the chance of rain in Sunday's game and if the team has prepared for that)

"We have not had a rain practice, but we do wet-ball drills once a week with the quarterbacks, running backs and throwing the ball. It's just something – that's the elements. That's what we love about football. The elements play a factor and we'll see how it goes. Hopefully, there's no lightning delay."

(On Chargers QB Justin Herbert and if he was a player Tampa Bay would have considered drafting had it not signed QB Tom Brady)
"Definitely. He's one of the top guys – I thought – in the draft. His measurables fit a lot of successful quarterbacks – he's very athletic [and] he's very smart. He's a very poised guy. The way he ran the ball in the Rose Bowl showed how tough he was, and I thought he'd be a really solid prospect – and he is."

(On his assessment of the Chargers' offensive line and if they will have the same unit as they did in Week 2 against Kansas City)

"It's the same guys and I think that's one of the areas they've really improved in the last couple of years. Really solid, play really well together, especially in the running game. There's some times where they have been hit with the blitz, but it's a really solid group."

(On if there is a way to line up WR Mike Evans to avoid him being double teamed as frequently as he has)

"No, not really. It's situational that some people are going to bracket him high, low, inside [and] out. It's nothing new, so it's just a matter of just keep fighting and when you do get single coverage, get him the ball."


(On if the success his college teammate S Antoine Winfield Jr. has had in his first three games with the Buccaneers gives him confidence that he can perform at a high level, as well)
"My confidence never changed, honestly. I still feel like I'm pretty confident with myself. I could be more confident, but that will come down the road. He's out there making plays [and] I'm very proud of him. He works hard and he definitely deserves it. Just getting out there in that first game – it was definitely a blessing, but I plan to definitely be out there a lot more in the future."

(On how QB Tom Brady has helped him get acclimated to the NFL and the Buccaneers offense)

"Basically, coming out there every day [and] trying to make an impression, not only to him, but pretty much everybody. You want to go out there and prove that you deserve to be out here, so just going out there, doing your best everyday – no matter what it is – whether you're blocking [or] whether you're running routes, you want to do it at 110 percent."

(On being in the receiver room with Pro Bowl wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin)

"It's been amazing. Both of those guys are two of the best in the league. Just being around them [and] getting the knowledge from both of them – the ins and outs – it's definitely been helpful. Like I said earlier with my injury, they both said that it's part of the game [and] it's going to happen, but focus on my body, focus on running in and out of breaks [and] creating separation. At the end of the day, it's just playing football. Both of those guys are very helpful for me and I'm definitely thankful they're in the same room as me."

(On Wide Receivers Coach Kevin Garver)

"Coach Garver [has been] very helpful so far. We meet every Friday in the morning and basically just talk about whatever. It's definitely helping me build a relationship with him and he's definitely allowing me to adjust to this lifestyle – making it easier for me. [I'm] thankful that he's in my life now and I'm definitely looking forward to our future together."

(On if he knew S Antoine Winfield Jr. would be a special player at the NFL level)

"I definitely knew he was going to be special. We went against each other for four years – head-to-head, one-on-one – whether it was a blocking drill, a one-on-one wide receiver-[defensive back] drill or whether it was a tackling drill, we were always going against each other. He's a special kid. He's just a ball player – he's always around the ball [and] he's always going to find his way around the ball. You definitely can see that he loves the game. I'm very excited for his future [and] I'm glad to still be on the same team with him."