Tampa Bay Buccaneers



(On TE Anthony Auclair and his progress returning from injury)

"He looks really good [and] he looks healthy again this week. We'll kind of make a decision as far as bumping him up this week or not."

(On if he is happy with how the tight ends and T Joe Haeg have supplemented the offensive line in the team's rushing attack)

"There's no doubt. Our tight ends and Joe are doing a heck of a job. When we have those 300 [to] 310-pound guys that are going to play on top of a tight end, it's better to put a tackle in there. If it's 260 [to] 280 [pounds], then our tight ends should be able to handle them."

(On how WR Chris Godwin is progressing following surgery earlier this week)

"[It's] hard to tell. He's still got that whatever it is – cast, bandage – but he was just staying in shape and running [today]. [It is] not affecting that part of it. We won't know until more next week."

(On if he anticipates the organization being active at the upcoming trade deadline)

"You never know. We don't know what this ballgame is going to bring yet. Jason [Licht's] got some things on the table if we need them, but I wouldn't say we'll probably be really active."

(On where he has seen the most progress in the team's special teams units)

"It was really that one ballgame [against the Saints] – the lack of preseason games hurt that phase of the game. It's one thing to go over something in a walkthrough, like that last kickoff and then actually have it live bullets. I think we've progressed in every area. We're playing penalty free – which has been outstanding – for I think four or five games. Our return game is getting a little bit better. 'Mick' (Jaydon Mickens) is doing a good job there. If guys are going to want to kickoff to us, we're going to have to bring it out to the 30-[yard] line, which we did last week. Our coverage units are doing [well], knock on wood. This is going to be huge in this ballgame because Joe [Judge], obviously, is a special teams guy and they have all the gimmicks in the world up there. We can't give them an extra possession in the kicking game this week."

(On if he believes the Giants are a better team than what their record indicates)

"I don't think there's any doubt. Just think of having Saquon [Barkley] in some of those ballgames. They've been to the wire a number of times and haven't gotten it done offensively or defensively, but they're knocking on the door. In your first year as a head coach, that's pretty impressive."

(On if he feels offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and QB Tom Brady are starting to see the game the same way)

"I don't think there's any doubt. I think [they have been], probably, longer than that, that we've been on the same page. It's still a collaboration every week that's all new. Every week is new. I love the fact [of] where we're at offensively right now, especially with those two handling it."

(On if he has a relationship with Giants Head Coach Joe Judge)

"I know Joe well. His father and I were freshmen together at Virginia Tech. I've known Joe for a long time. [He is a] heck of a football coach and he's earned his stripes. [I'm] really happy for him."


(On where he believes he has become most comfortable after his first two months in the NFL)

"I hate to sound super broad, but everything, really. The more you're doing everything – your sets, where your weight should be in your steps, getting more comfortable with the playbook – it's a little bit of everything seven games in, now. Just trying to settle in."

(On what he has learned through the first half of his rookie season)

"I think each person I've gone against kind of helped me with a different thing. There are different things that I've got to get ready for [and] moves that they show me. When I was going up against Shaq [Barrett] in camp, there was stuff that I had never seen before. Just remembering those things and when you watch the tape, [learning] what you would do differently in that scenario. It's been cool just learning as I go every game. It's been fun."

(On how much T Donovan Smith has helped him grow throughout his rookie season, and Smith saying that he is like a little brother to him)

"Oh yeah, quite a bit. We'll come off after a set of plays and there will be one [play] where he'll come and ask me, 'What did you get on this one?' Or, we'll be watching film after practice and I'll see him laughing over there at something that I did. Just little technique things – stuff that has worked for him that I can try or stuff that hasn't worked for him that I should probably stay away from. I think I said it earlier in camp that he's kind of been like a big brother, so it's pretty cool to hear that too.'