Tampa Bay Buccaneers



(On how he felt the defense performed on Sunday)

"I definitely think we played with more chemistry as a group. We played together, we played as one [and] we executed the gameplan. We were a lot more comfortable with [Coach Todd] Bowles' coaching [and] his play-calling and we were a lot more comfortable with each other. We trust each other to do our job on the field and everybody is focused on doing their job and supporting our teammates however we can."

(On how rookie S Antoine Winfield Jr. performed in his NFL debut)

"I'm really impressed with Antoine and his development. He fit right in with us, especially with us having a young [defensive back] group, but having a lot of experience. He's a young DB, but from his background he has a lot of experience with the NFL. He showed it in practice and even on Sunday. I'm really pleased to have him back there with us and to have him continue to grow with us as a young DB core."

(On where his confidence comes from when lining up against elite NFL wide receivers)

"It just comes from putting in work. Only hard work can breed confidence. My coaches put me in a position to show my skillset and be able to provide what our team needs in a corner. Just having those guys trust me and having our coaches give me this job is everything I need to go out there and do a job. At the end of the day, I want to do whatever I can to help our team win. I've always been this type of corner where I'm following the best receiver since college. So, coming to the NFL is definitely different, but it's the same job and I'm used to the pressure."


(On how well he fits in the defensive system)

"I feel like coming into the second year and knowing what's expected of me and knowing, really, what's asked of me in the defense – it's easier to be able to produce. But, I wouldn't have been able to do any of that stuff without the guys to the left and right of me."

(On how the defensive line performed in Sunday's game)

"As far as stopping the run, I feel like we did stop it at some times. There were some things that squirted out a couple times [that] we have to fix. All in all, I feel like we attacked them, and that was our main goal – to be able to attack up front."

(On what Todd Bowles' scheme allows him to do on the field)

"I think I'm more comfortable in the scheme with my body size and with my arms. I can do a lot more things instead of just trying to do one thing. It works on the things that I'm good at and I've been coached up pretty well, I want to say."

(On how ILB Devin White has grown and become the quarterback of the defense)

"I think being able to vote him as a team captain shows the sense of accountability, responsibility and how he's approaching the game now being a second-year player. As far as him getting all the calls out – he does that very well. He gets us lined up and ready to go. Plus, he has another great, veteran leader that's in his room in Lavonte [David]."


(On correcting the offensive mistakes from Week 1)

"I think all of it is correctable. When you look at the tape, there's a handful of things that we did that were just bad from a communication standpoint. All those things will get corrected as we learn from the film and as we just continue to play together, so I'm not particularly worried about any of that."

(On what QB Tom Brady was like with the team following Sunday's game)

"It's turning the page. He's obviously been through a ton of football, so he recognizes that it's just one week. Like I said, the more we work together, the better we'll be. We're going to fix these little things – we're going to be good."

(On if the team has a better understanding of where it needs to improve after playing a regular season game)

"I think we have a better idea. I think the more games we play, the better of an idea that we'll get. I don't think we really can change too much in terms of our preparation. I think we do a really good job of preparing [and] I think we work extremely hard. We had a really good camp, but you never really know what the full product is going to look like until you put it on the field. That was our first opportunity – we learned from some of the mistakes. We understand that there's some miscommunication that we have to get fixed, and that's going to come with experience building this chemistry together."