Tampa Bay Buccaneers



(On how the offensive line progressed the most from Week 1 to Week 2)

"I think technically we were a lot better. I think the looks that we got were probably easier – I think we got a couple more three-down looks, which makes it easier in pass [protection]. Ultimately, I think across the board everyone just took a small step forward, which helps out."

(On changes in momentum during a game and closing out a win in Week 2 after Carolina shifted the momentum)

"When there's swings in momentum, you definitely feel that on the sideline. I'm hoping that this year – there's always going to be stuff that goes your way and stuff that doesn't go your way – but to sort of mitigate those swings [and] just keep the momentum on our side as best we can, I think that makes a big difference. There's so many games in this league that are this close, and the momentum and mitigating swings is just all you can do. As long as we can just keep doing that moving forward, we'll be really good."

(On RB Leonard Fournette telling the offensive line that if they give him an inch, he'll take a mile)

"I loved it. [It was] a little bit of a burst of energy. I'm going to try to give him more than an inch, but if that's all he needs – it got me excited [and] I think it got the rest of the offensive line excited and fired up. The best part about it is he backed it up. He brought it."


(On how the defense was successful pressuring Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater last week)

"I think it's understanding their offensive line and doing our particular research throughout the week. Then, the gameplan that our coaches put together from a collective understanding from the secondary and then upfront of how we wanted to pressure them. Really, understanding where he likes to escape – that was kind of our focus to make sure that we got after him in those particular ways. I'm not going to divulge our gameplan to some extent because we play them again."

(On being able to work one-on-one against offensive linemen as opposed to being double teamed)

"It's a great opportunity. Any time I have an opportunity to get one-on-one blocks, the expectation is for me to win. I welcome the opportunity to continue to have more one-on-one opportunities as we continue to play throughout the season. That will be my ultimate focus – continue to win one-on-ones and make a name for myself. I can't do that without the help of my guys outside – the defensive ends – as well as Vita [Vea] and Will [Gholston] that have come in and played at a high level as well. The secondary's been doing their job from the standpoint of being in the right place at the right time and not allowing guys to roam free."

(On how DL Vita Vea and DL William Gholston have been able to assist in pressuring quarterbacks)

"Truthfully, I've seen an amazing growth with Vita. First and foremost, him understanding the game [and] him understanding how people want to block him. Then, his athleticism – I think he took time this offseason to work on himself as an individual athlete. That's showing up as well as consistently staying in the weight room, doing extra work after practice and before practice to maintain his success. Going [with] the same thing with Will. Will took it upon himself this offseason to compete with me in wanting to come in at a certain weight and then get stronger, which he's done. I'm very proud of him from that aspect. He's understanding the game a lot better, understanding our defense, how he fits in and how he can be a dominant force. I think truthfully, now you guys are just seeing their hard work pay off for them."


(On his sack and forced fumble on Sunday)

"My goal every time I'm out there on the field is to go out there and make a play for my team and give us the best opportunity to win, so I went out there, did my job [and] created a turnover. It was just exciting. There's nothing like that moment when you're able to make a huge play."

(On the defense having camaraderie)

"I think it's extremely important. We all have to be out there on the same page to do our jobs. They were all here before I got here, so obviously being the new guy, you can see how close everybody was when I first got here. It's good to have that sense and feeling that everybody's connected, because that allows us just to play better."

(On how he learned to read opposing offenses and how that has helped him in his first two NFL games)

"I would say just film study and practice. Going over the film in meetings [and] then at home [and] making sure I'm taking the proper notes that I need on my opponents. I would also say going out there and practicing it. You're seeing it every day, and then once you get to get to the game, you're able to play fast."