Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Quotes - Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Head Coach Bruce Arians

(Opening statement)

"[It was a] good start to the week. It's always fun when you tell the guys to have a glorified walkthrough and they're running around full speed – that's always a good sign. [The Titans are a] heck of an opponent. This team is probably the most physical team we've faced all year on both lines of scrimmage, and it will be a heck of a challenge."

(On what changes were made during the Bye Week)

"Without giving away game plan stuff, it's moving certain people around. The biggest thing about self-scouting is finding your tendencies throughout the season and seeing if you can make them to your advantage [on] both sides of the ball. But, [there were] no major changes."

(On what he's addressed to the captains during the Bye Week)

"It's more with everybody. It's about our preparation, making better adjustments – in-game, halftime and on the sidelines – studying maybe a little more film. It's just all about preparation."

(On what he saw from OLB Jason Pierre-Paul in practice)

"He looked good, he looks fine, he's healthy – he had a heck of a practice today."

(On how much Pierre-Paul was able to do in practice)


(On if Pierre-Paul was able to take part in contact drills)

"Yeah, he had contact last week with pads on."

(On if he was able to watch Pierre-Paul practice last week)

"Yeah, I was out there. It was good – he was a little rusty, but it was good."

(On if he's ever dealt with a player returning from a neck fracture)

"No, I have not."

(On what it says about Pierre-Paul to be able to return from this injury)

"He's come back from some serious stuff, and he's kind of a freak of nature as far as healing. He has a great belief in his faith and I think sometimes that helps heal you."

(On what Pierre-Paul's return does for the team's leadership)

"That's a huge thing because he has been one of the vocal leaders for a long time, and not having his presence – I can already feel the difference. Obviously, he's feeling his way football-wise, but the rest of it – last week, going out to practice, coaching, doing all those things, giving young guys advice – it's fantastic."

(On when he expects Pierre-Paul to be ready to play in a game)

"We'll see."

(On T Donovan Smith's play this season)

"I think he's been really solid. In the running game, he's really picked up his run game stuff. He's usually got the best pass rusher and he's held his own all season."

(On finding a third option at receiver while WR Breshad Perriman has been recovering from an injury)

"Getting him back today – it's a whole different look. A big, fast guy out there that's played well for us – hasn't got a lot of targets, but he's played well – and developing Scotty [Miller], Justin Watson, now [Amara] Darboh. So, just developing some young guys, getting a physical guy in Darboh, a fast guy in Scotty – but just try to find them and just continue bringing them along."

(On the report that the New England Patriots were seeking a trade involving TE O.J. Howard)

"You might have to ask Jason [Licht] about that one. Bill [Belichick] didn't call me."

(On if he sees the team in a position to be sellers or buyers at the trade deadline)

"That's something Jason [Licht] and I haven't talked about. It probably depends on how much you're offering. If it's in our best interest, we'll probably do something, but if it's not, we're not giving away guys, for sure."

(On how he balances making sure OLB Jason Pierre-Paul fully recovers from his injury when he wants to play)

"It's how he feels, how he'll feel tomorrow after this practice. A lot will depend on how he feels Thursday after Wednesday practice in pads, and we'll just judge it from there."

(On how important Sunday's game at Tennessee is in relation to the trade deadline)

"This is a big one. We've got to win a couple of these road games so that those home games give us a chance to get into the playoffs. I can't say we want to split on the road, but we need to win this one on the road for sure, and then hopefully grab another."

(On what he's seen from QB Jameis Winston since the Bye Week)

"He's excellent – had a good practice today. He's had bad games before – he knows how to shake them off."

(On the reports that the team is ready to move on without Winston)

"Good speculation."

(On what challenges the Titans present outside of their play on the offensive and defensive lines)

"Another great running back – Derrick Henry is a big, strong, fast guy, but he's also a great screen runner – he's got a lot of long passes on screens. We've got to handle big, strong receivers. Mike Vrabel is a hell of a coach. Defensively, they're very complicated in their blitz schemes, so it's good to have the extra days this week."

(On if the Titans' blitz schemes are more complicated than what the Buccaneers defense does)

"[They are] very similar."

(On how much the Bye Week has helped him evaluate what has worked on both sides of the ball)

"I don't like the word 'Analytics' – I like to still call it self-scout. It's something that you do very strongly that week, and look at the success rate from everything – from each formation to each personnel group – everything good, bad, ugly – and hopefully get rid of the ugly and get more good."

(On how much change is made between establishing what they want to do and recognizing what works and what doesn't)

"Not a lot. We start out, we want to run the ball [and] we want to stop the run – we're doing both of those pretty well. Third down has been an issue [on] both sides of the ball, so [we need to] address that. We talked a lot about our halftime adjustments. This past week, we came out and we stopped them, but our offense didn't go get points. That would've been the turnaround in the game that we needed. So, just play better the first five minutes of the third quarter."

(On S Andrew Adams' performance in Week 6)

"He was solid. He's a good communicator. Mike Edwards tweaked his hamstring the last play of practice over in London, so he got his chance and he did really well."

(On how he accounts for the disparity between what the run defense and pass defense are allowing)

"It's two-fold – it's the coverage and the pass rush. Now that teams are doing a lot more max protection, we've got to do a better job of covering guys a little bit longer and be a little smarter, be a little more physical back there."

(On if teams max protecting against the pass rush should give the pass defense a numbers advantage)

"There's no doubt, yeah."

Outside Linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul

(On what it means to be back at practice)

"To be honest, it felt great. It's been a long journey, but I still got a lot going on – but it's been great working with my teammates."

(On how he is feeling)

"I feel good – superb."

(On when he expects to play)

"I have no expectations. The moment they release me to go out there, I'll be out there. Right now, I'm good, I'm back practicing, so we'll see."

(On the lack of precedent in returning from a neck injury)

"Not a lot of people come back from blowing up their hand, too. I had no doubts."

(On how it felt when he was cleared to return to practice)

"It felt good. Everything is good right now. I'm on the right track, I'm keeping forward and I've got a lot to do in a short amount of time. That's all I can say."

(On what it was like to have a second child while he was rehabbing)

"I'm just glad I can have kids. I know how hard my Mom and father worked to get me where I need to get today, and just to have kids and to see my daughter born – that's a blessing."

(On playing with OLB Shaquil Barrett)

"He's a good player. I can't wait to get out there with him. Like I said, I've got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, and I'm looking forward to it."

(On how eager he is to put on pads on Wednesday)

"[I've been eager] since 10 months ago."