Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Quotes - Wednesday, October 30, 2019

*Head Coach Bruce Arians                              *

(Opening statement)

"Not participating today was Cam Brate, O.J. Howard and Demar Dotson. Alex Cappa participated limited and did really good. Other than that, [this week is the] end of a long journey with another trip out west and a really good football team [in] Seattle. Russell Wilson is a guy that I probably respect as much as any quarterback in this league, as far as taking a broken play and making something fantastic out of it. I've played him so many times and just watched him do it. A lot of guys can scramble, a lot of guys can run, but not [many] guys can throw the ball downfield, across the field, and just know where your guys are once you break the pocket. He looks healthy again, he's running a lot this year, so he's as good a dual threat as there is and he can beat you from the pocket. It'll be a hell of a challenge."

(On Seahawks QB Russell Wilson's ability to protect the football)

"Russell's a really smart guy and he doesn't take many chances. He doesn't take a lot of chances, but he is a great deep ball thrower. When he throws it, it's coming down over the outside shoulder. When you get interceptions on him, or sack-fumbles – which have happened in the past – they're rare, but he's excellent."

(On if he foresaw Wilson being as successful as he is when he was coming out of college)

"I don't think anybody did. I think at N.C. State, it was a different style [of] offense. Once he got to Wisconsin, he got in that running game, and was a bootleg quarterback, you said, 'This guy's got some stuff – he's really mobile, he's got a great deep ball,' but [from] his pocket stuff from N.C. State, you wouldn't have guessed it."

(On why his teams have done well in Seattle)

"It's kind of odd because when we played them every year, they'd beat us at home and we'd beat them up there. A lot of those games were really close games that we won at the end. If you can hang in there with the crowd and the environment and everything that's so unique about the place, and don't get overwhelmed, you'll have a chance to win the game."

(On what makes Seattle a difficult place to play)

"Other than Kansas City – as far as an outside stadium, it's unbelievable. It's a soccer crowd, it's nonstop and when they crank it up, the whole place is shaking. It's a fun place to go for me. I enjoy that environment."

(On teams like the Patriots and Seahawks having their offense revolve around quarterbacks Tom Brady and Russell Wilson)

"It really does, and the way they're in systems that protect them. That [Patriots] offensive line – Donte Scarnecchia] is the best up there – and Tom [Brady] gets it out of his hand. Russell [Wilson] knows when to run [and] he knows when to get it out of his hand. I think the really good ones – when you plug guys in – they'll take control of it for you."

(On if the receivers need to go back to basics after having miscommunication on some routes in Week 8)

"No, you learn from it. It's post-snap problems. When they show you one and they go to two, or they show you two and they go to one, and you have to adjust your routes on the move, that takes a little time. We should've seen both of them and we didn't. The balls were thrown right on time, so no, it's something they just have to continue to grow with."

(On if there was a heightened sense of disappointment when traveling back from Nashville)

"Totally, yeah – and I think Lavonte [David] set that tone about it not being acceptable and having the game and then giving it away. Forget the referees – just having the game and giving it away. It's time to stop. I think they all feel that, and it's a very good feeling as a coach to come back on a plane that's angrier about losing."

(On if he expected growing pains when assembling a new coaching staff)

"Yeah, there are, but with all those things that happened, we had a chance to win the game. We didn't get it done with fourth-and-one and going in to score. That part of it's always going to be there – the growing pains – but once you find ways to win, you win, and it's contagious. Everywhere I've ever been, that first year there are growing pains, but once you learn how to win, you expect it."

(On if he is concerned about the running game after QB Jameis Winston led the team in rushing yards in Week 8)

"I'm fine with the running game, other than our short-yardage stuff. They started playing two-man, and that's a quarterback's dream, if you can run a little bit. [If] the field's empty just start running, because they're all playing man-to-man with their backs turned, if they let you out of the pocket."

(On if the travel schedule from Week 4 through Week 9 has been worse than what he expected)

"No, I think the real telltale – I think our strength staff and sports science guys are doing a great job – the telltale will be how tired we are after this one, because it's a six-hour [flight]. London was just eight, but going back in that direction then coming back, getting going for that next game – that'll be the telltale."

(On how disappointing the minus-six turnover ratio is to him)

"Totally, because we were plus-three or four two games ago, and you're not beating anybody that way, except yourself. This one, we had to overcome it and then created that turnover. But again, we got the ball there with the rest of the game – we've got to go down and score and win the game. That's the one thing that's stopping us – we're not finishing to win the game."

(On if the team's anger translated to practice today)

"It did today. [Today was a] very serious practice."

(On the challenge of playing against Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner)

"He knows that defense inside and out. He and K.J. Wright are two of the best linebacker-combination guys I've gone against over the years. [I have] a lot of respect. He never slows down – that's the amazing thing. He doesn't get old, and I think knowing that defense inside out really helps. But [I have a] ton of respect."

(On never being 2-5 in his career)

"I was there at Temple a long time ago. It's something that you just have to keep finding ways to win [and] keep turning [things] over. What have we got to do better? What can the staff do more of to help us win ball games."

(On his message to the fans who are saying nothing has changed)

"I'd say we're two plays from 4-3, and everybody would be talking differently. The guys are fighting their asses off – [we've] just got to finish games and win them."

Quarterback Jameis Winston

(On Seahawks QB Russell Wilson)

"He is just an amazing person and an amazing player. I got the chance to spend some time with him at the 2015 Pro Bowl. Just how he carries himself – he is a true leader and an amazing person."

(On if he feels the team is responding differently in the locker room after the loss to the Titans)

"Yeah, we want to win bad. That's just it. You lose three in a row and you get sick of it, so you just want to win really bad."

(On if there is added pressure on the captains to change the vibe of the locker room)

"No, no added pressure. We just have to do a better job at doing our job. This is what we get paid to do. This is what we grew up dreaming to be: NFL players. We are here and now we need to execute and just win. We've got to win together as a team. One person can't do it. Everyone has to be on the same page, everyone has to execute and everyone plays an integral part into winning football."

(On how to improve the chemistry between him and his receivers)

"You just fix it – that's it. You get back in on the drawing board and you work through it. You shake it off and you go back at it again. I've got absolute trust in all of my guys. We are going to get it fixed and we are going to execute."

(On if it surprises him that there are still communication issues)

"Nothing is a surprise to me because we ask so much of the players and the players are accountable for a lot of different things. That is just a part of the job. Football players are human, so everyone makes mistakes just like regular humans make mistakes. We've just got to fix it and do better."

(On if the offense is more complicated this year than it was last year)

"No, I wouldn't say that. I think that we are learning week to week. It is new conceptually, but there is never going to be a perfect game. We've just got to try our best to do our best job every game."

(On if he is asked to do more in regard to option routes in the new offense than he was last season)

"Not at all – we just have to continue to study, continue to prepare and do a better job. I believe we will."

(On playing in the environment at Century Link Field in Seattle)

"We're just focusing on being great communicators this week. We know it's going to be an awesome atmosphere, but we embrace that. We are going to take that in. There have only been a few games where I've felt that college atmosphere and they say it's real out in Seattle, so I am excited. A couple of my other teammates that have never played there are very excited, and we are just going to go out there and give it our all."

(On not giving games away due to mistakes)

"Yeah, we can't give games away, period. That is just us as a team. That is the pride that we have with being NFL players. If you are going to get beat, let them beat us. We don't want to beat ourselves. I have to do a better job of living [up to that] and everyone has to do a better job of living up to that. It's just a standard that we have."

(On the status of the team)

"I believe we are a really good team but wins matter. That is what they judge you off of in this league."

(On if this is the toughest time he has had in his career when dealing with the outside noise)

"No, I've been prepared for this. The thing is we come together as a team – all outside noise is just outside noise. Those are things that everyone else pays attention to. We pay attention to us. We focus on us and how we can get better."

(On if it is the little things that are hurting the team's chances to win right now)

"Yeah, little things will always get you. That is the difference between a great team and a good team. To win, you have to be great on Sunday, you can't just be good. We are typically good. That is why we are 2-5 right now, but we've got to keep working to be great. We [need] to fix the little things because little things add up. One small thing is going to turn out to be a big thing. That's what we've got to focus on – doing one small thing right, finding a crumb and doing our job."

(On where he is seeing progress week to week)

"You know, I really just want to get a win. It just takes one. We've just got to get a win. Progress right now – I've got to get better every single week and every single game, but we've got to win. Winning is progress for me."

(On how he responds to having a tough game, even after putting in a lot of work throughout the week)

"My biggest thing is eliminating the negatives and focusing on the positives. We did a lot of great things in both of those matchups. We just have to do more great things than uncharacteristic things."

(On the challenges that the Seahawks defense presents)

"They've been a great team for a long time led by an amazing quarterback and a stout defense. We are going to have to bring it. We have to bring it every week but being in an atmosphere like that – them feeding off their energy and their environment – we have to come up there and come with it. That just it – that's every week, we've got to come with it. This team is known for bringing the noise. You heard the 'Legion of Boom' back in the day. They don't have as many players as they had back in the day, but they still have [that] core group of players with their quarterback and their quarterback on defense, Bobby Wagner."

(On attending former teammate Gerald McCoy's son's senior night)

"It was very special doing that for Gerald. Honestly, by every good man is an excellent woman. His wife, Ebony, did an amazing job contacting us and asking us if we would do this for Gerald's son. This team loves each other. When we apply the love that we have for each other day in and day [out] to that field – when we get that genuine love – we are going to be a hard bond to break."

Outside Linebacker Jason Pierre-Paul

(On how different this defense is compared to what he has played in the past)

"It's not really a big difference – it's just a big head start on me and a lot of catching up to do. That's basically it."

(On how good this front four can be)

"I don't know. I've played with a lot of great front fours. I don't go with the hype. I'm more of a 'Get the job done' guy. We've got good talent. The talent is there to do what we need to do, but I'm not more of the hype person – I've been on great teams, great front fours and you can't do anything with it unless you do something with yourself."

(On if they will have to keep Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in the backfield)

"He'll find a way out. At the end of the day, we've just got to bring our best ball, bring your best ball forward and get ready to play. I'm pretty sure the guys are ready to play. This is a whole new week. Anything can happen and the NFL."

(On how much he missed the game)

"I missed the game a lot. For you to stay home and it's not in your control – the only thing you can control is yourself. I did what I had to do and I'm here now. I really missed the game a lot, but I'm playing again."

(On how much it validates him to return from an injury again)

"That's just me, period. I feel like no matter what, just the football drive that I got is different. Everybody is built different and I just think that I'm built different in just the football drive that I've got, nobody has it in the NFL. That's basically it, and I can sit here and tell you that."