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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Recognized for "It's a Bucs Life"

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been named the 2013 PromaxBDA Silver Award Winner for Best Integrated Team Marketing and Branding Campaign for their "It’s a Bucs Life" campaign.

In 2012, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sought to reinvent themselves. The vision was to establish and implement a brand campaign that could be a connection to the fans, a rallying point for the community, a celebration of football and a definition of life in the Bay. This vision led to the creation of the "It's a Bucs Life" campaign.

In its first year, the campaign focused on bringing the beloved battle flag to life. It rekindled the pride that burns in the hearts of people who call Tampa home and represented a region where the living is good. It celebrated our melting pot of saltwater, sunshine, Southern hospitality, Midwestern charm and passion for pirates. The campaign also acted as a battle cry, using strong calls to action such as "Join the Fight," "Ready the Krewe" and "Hoist the Flag."

In its second year, the campaign has evolved to represent the state of being in the midst of an intense battle, where cannon fire and cannon smoke fill the air.  The 2013 campaign is focused on moments of Buccaneer football, and the emergence of new Buccaneer heroes.

To fully integrate the campaign across all platforms, nods to "It's A Bucs Life" can be seen in the team's TV campaigns, digital outlets, stadium signage, ticketing experience and billboards throughout the Bay area. It's A Bucs Life also allowed the team to reimagine it's community outreach efforts, ensuring that the team's on and off the field efforts are shared in meaningful and compelling ways.

The creation of the team's Bucs Life Anthem, reiterates just how good we have it here in the Bay:  

"We live and play here by choice, we dig the sun and the sea, we feel bad for the rest of y'all, cuz It's A Bucs Life For Me." Choosing to live the Bucs life is a declaration of dedication to game day and the gridiron, sun and sand, treasure and touchdowns, and of course plenty of cannon fire.

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