Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Select Quotes: Friday, October 12, 2018

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today's earlier media availability. Full video of press conferences can be found on Buccaneers.com.

Head Coach Dirk Koetter

(On if you would not defer a coin toss to the second half if you have a strong offense)

"That's an analytics question. If you believe in analytics, you should defer every time."

(On why the analytics suggest deferring is the correct decision)

"It's all a point thing. It's all on a points per possession thing. That ties right into when should you go for it on fourth down. They've got these formulas that are way over my head."

(On if he believes in analytics and if he has a temptation to defy them and receive the kickoff)

"Yep, I do. I do have a temptation to."

(On if he believes more in the analytics than in the confidence of the team)

"I believe more in trying to get the extra possession. That's what I believe in, but I can't – I just believe in it. If you look at some of the best offensive teams in the league that may or may not be the best defensive teams in the league, they're still deferring most of the time. That analytic number tell you, you should defer."

(On if he has analytics on the outcome of the coin toss)

"There is on that. I don't know what it is."

(On what he's seen from defensive tackle Vita Vea)

"I think anybody that misses seven weeks – especially seven weeks of their rookie year – and so they didn't get any preseason games, all they had was one day in pads before missing seven weeks. It's going to take some time to get up where we are – fifth game of the year. I think Vita is getting more confident and playing faster. When he came back from the injury, he was in really good condition from a cardiovascular standpoint, but cardiovascular and playing football – especially where he plays – are two different things."

(On one thing from Vea that stood out in his NFL debut)

"Well he's got unbelievable power – freakish power. There was a play in the game where I think they ran a screen or something and to see him run 40-yards down field. We all saw what he could do when he played in college and it's just going to take a little bit of time. He'll be fine."

(On what he saw in defensive linemen Demone Harris and Rakeem Nunez-Roches to add them to the 53-man roster)

"It starts with on the defensive tackle situation we've had injuries. Obviously, Vita just coming back – we just talked about that – Beau [Allen's] been out for a couple weeks. We're going to carry four defensive tackles on our roster and then as we said before, those backup defensive ends – if you're not playing a bunch of snaps, you've got to be able to contribute on special teams. Every situation is different and obviously we're always juggling a little bit to fit where you're at health-wise with your other guys and then special teams comes into play."

(On if there a natural chemistry with quarterback Jameis Winston throwing to wide receiver Adam Humphries and tight end Cameron Brate)

"It's hard to say. He tends to find Mike [Evans] is who he tends to find. Cam and Hump are comfortable with Jameis and I think DeSean [Jackson] and Chris [Godwin] becoming more so all the time. I just think that for whatever reason we just we just didn't make it click very well with DeSean last year, but that was last year. DeSean's off to an excellent start and he's doing a good job in practice. I don't see any reason that would drop off."

(On players having a chance to get more opportunities on the field)

"It's worked out so far, but none of the great receivers ever think they get enough targets. It's just like none of the great running backs never think they get enough carries. That's why those guys are where they are. There's going to be some of that. Usually if you're winning, you don't hear too much. If you're losing, there's a little bit of griping about that. It just is what it is. Anyone that knows – if you're in the meetings, you're watching practice, you're watching the practice tape – guys know where the balls set up to go, but the defense dictates that, pass rush dictates that."

(On if he cares how many penalties he has if the other team has more)

"You want to have less. We can't control anything about the other team. We want to cut down our pre-snap penalties because those are things that are easily controlled. That's something we do have control of. Your penalties of aggression – a lot of those the way those are called now – they happen so fast. DPIs, OPIs, roughing the passer, holding – when they call them and when they don't. When you're looking at those the day after the game on tape, they could call something in that area pretty much every play if they wanted to. As we talked about earlier in this week, officials have a tough job – very tough. They get most of them right. They get some of them wrong."