Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers Select Quotes: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Below is a selection of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quotes from today's earlier media availability. Full video of press conferences can be found on Buccaneers.com.

Head Coach Dirk Koetter

Defensive Coordinator Mark Duffner

Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul

Kicker Cairo Santos

Head Coach Dirk Koetter

(On if he saw kicker Cairo Santos work out a couple weeks ago)

"I did not."

(On what he knows about Santos)

"He's our kicker. That's what I know. That's all I know"

(On if Tampa is a difficult environment to kick)

"They've got a bunch of studies on that. They've got all kind of analytic studies with percentages – I don't play much attention to that myself, but other people do. That's just, it is what it is. That's where we play."

(On if he knows what the analytics say)

"They've got a ranking on it. I mean, I'm embarrassed to even tell you, so I won't. I'll let someone else tell you."

(On if Tampa is well ranked for kicking accuracy)

"No. It's surprising where it's ranked. It would surprise you based on the weather."

(On why he won't reveal the details of the analytics)

"Because I'm not – I don't even know the exact number. I know approximately."

(On if it is in the bottom third)


(On how linebacker Kendell Beckwith is progressing)

"First off, on that Beckwith thing, I gave you guys the wrong information. We actually have until next Wednesday to decide. I was given the wrong information on that, but I think he's progressing. I think it's looking up. I think the hardest thing right now is just full-speed in his own mind. He hasn't played football for a while and it's not like we're really tackling to the ground or anything out there. He had increased reps today from last week and we're hopeful. A lot more hopeful than we were two weeks ago."

(On if there is a possibility that Beckwith could be active against the Giants)

"Well, possible – of course, but we'll just have to see."

(On if he has made a decision on who will call the plays against the Giants)

"No, I haven't."

(On how he gets players to stay within themselves when they're playing against their old team)

"I think any player that's in the NFL – especially a player that's played as long a JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) – he's had emotional games before, up and down for different reasons. I think they've got to be able to handle that within themselves. We talk a lot about that kind of stuff, but still that's different for every single guy that's dressed out every week."

(On what he's seen from Giants running back Saquon Barkley)

"Really, really impressive. For a guy that's 235 pounds, his combination of speed, elusiveness, ball skills, yards after contact – very impressive. You can see – we did a lot of work on him coming out and of course liked him, but he's come right into the league and really shown what he can do."

(On where Barkley ranks among other 'game wreckers')

"You've got to kind of take all game-wreckers – you've got the Drew Breeses of the world that are touching the ball every play, but as a running back he's right up there."

(On if he worked on wide receiver Mike Evans and Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham when he was at the Falcons)

"I did not do work on those two guys."

(On what he makes of Evans and Beckham and their different styles)

"I think they're both right at the top part of the league. There's some other really good receivers up there, but they play different styles and they play in different offensive systems. They both have really good range. They both run better than you think they do. Both really good."

(On what players need to have to in order to make game-changing plays)

"Usually that falls under mental toughness which is kind of an elusive thing. The way we talk about mental toughness is playing as consistently as you can to the top end of your talent level. I think that some of these guys have elite talent, and then if they can play to that on a consistent basis, that sets them apart."

(On who would be a backup center since offensive lineman Evan Smith is now on Injury Reserve)

"We have three options right now if something happened to Ryan [Jensen]. In no particular order, Ali [Marpet] could go back to center, Mike Liedtke can play center, and then Alex Cappa can also play center and he is an evolving guy that can play center. [Cappa's] the furthest from that group, but working on it in practice every day."

(On having new players in new roles at practice)

"Well, we had some guys out today. We had some guys out, you'll see the injury report. Any time you have new guys in new roles, part of you [is] feeling bad about the guys that are out, but those guys that are going in, they're excited as hell to be going in there and getting their opportunity to play. They're vocal. You've got guys in new roles and learning a new plan for that week. I thought we had good tempo throughout practice on both sides today."

(On if he spoke with Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid about Cairo Santos)

"I didn't, but someone in our organization has. Yep, they've talked to him. They've had their eye on him for quite a while. Cairo had some injury issues leaving Kansas City that have kind of lingered with him for a little bit. He's had some tryouts, bounced around some teams. Organizationally, they've done a lot of work on him – I just personally haven't."

(On if Brenston Buckner's history with Giants defensive coordinator James Bettcher is an advantage)

"I've had a lot of conversations with Buck since we've started working on the Giants and asked him questions, 'Hey, watch this play on tape – What's this? What's this? What's their check on this?' It's been helpful that he knows their system. It looks like their doing some things slightly different in New York, but there are definitely some carry-overs. It helps you understand what they're trying to do. Maybe when you motion from a two-by-two to a three-by-one set or vice versa – three-by-one, two-by-two what the checks are. It's been helpful as far as understanding what they're doing. How much that translates to Sunday usually is minimal, but at least it helps you in your preparation."

(On linebacker Lavonte David fighting through a knee injury against the Redskins)

"Impressive. I mean, it seems so strange to not have Lavonte at practice because in my time here he just doesn't miss much. The guy, he just doesn't say much so you're not always hearing Lavonte, but to just see him on the side today was very strange. That just goes to show most people can't grasp what adrenaline does in a game. When guys – Justin Evans same thing, Chris Godwin same thing – guys that played and finished the game. Got hurt in probably midpoint or earlier in the game, finished the game and then when the body slows down a little bit the injury factors a little bit. Now here we are three days later. It really is impressive. I wish people could really see what these guys go through on a weekly basis to get their bodies back."

(On if he knew during the game what David was dealing with)

"No. You don't know the specifics of those. So many of these injuries are the exact definition is determined by MRI. He got a helmet on the knee, so I knew that part. The exact grade two or whatever they grade things at, you don't know those until they get the MRIs on Monday."

(On David still being effective after his injury against Washington)

"That's why they're the best at what they do."

(On the tackling improving from Week 9 to Week 10)

"Much better than last week. It's going to have to be good this week because obviously the big challenge with Adrian Peterson last week minus a couple plays – did a pretty good job tackling. All you've got to do is put on any game with Barkley in there and he's kind of that hold your breath type player when he touches it because he's going to take the ball anywhere – not just to where it's designed."

(On if Barkley is similar to Barry Sanders)

"He's 200 and thirty something pounds, I don't know. I haven't really thought of it like that."

Defensive Coordinator Mark Duffner

(On the defense playing well against the Redskins)

"Well, I think the players as much as anything – I think opted to. We had a really good week of preparation and I think that they opted to take that to the game and the big push has been from the beginning – consistency. Consistency – play each quarter, each play as hard as you possibly can and I think we took a step forward in that regard there. Certainly not still what we want, but closer. Again, we're going to itch and scratch and do whatever it takes to get a win."

(On what he saw from how the 49ers defended running back Saquon Barkley in Week 10)

"I think that this guy, number one, is an exceptional talent. You see that in terms of what he's done in the run game, what he's done in the pass game and what he's meant to their offense. I mean, the guy's commanding a sizable amount of their production. I think that they were able to again, stay proper in terms of gaps and proper in terms of coverage and not let this guy get wide open or in a space where he can really make you miss. That's going to be our objective too is to be proper and disciplined in run fits and also in terms of coverage where you don't give this guy a lot of space because he can hurt you."

(On Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.)

"He is a special, special player. You watch this guy, whether it's in making spectacular catches, he's done a great job in terms of reverses and things of that nature. He's right at the top, he's a very special player."

(On what he sees from Giants quarterback Eli Manning)

"Well I see this – I think that first of all, he's in a completion percentage right now about as good as he's ever been. I think that this is a little bit of a new offense for him in terms of the scheme. I think he's showing improvement in that. His play is reflective of the entire 11 guys on offense and so I think that they're doing things to allow him to be as productive as you can based on their personnel and based on the scheme that they're running right now. He is, again, a guy who still is playing at I think a very strong level. It's a guy we're going to certainly be at our best against as we defend him this week."

(On how defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will be playing against his former team)

"He certainly has demonstrated both in the practice plan and in the game plan a very relentless effort and attitude in terms of how he plays, so we're going to look for him to continue to be consistent in how he plays and the kind of effort that he puts forth and the production he gives. I'm excited to see him play against them."

Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul

(On playing quarterback Eli Manning)

"Eli is Eli, man. I know one thing – if he's hot, he's going to continue being hot. We've got to get after him early and he knows I'm coming. I'm coming Eli – I'm coming. Just letting you know. "

(On how he's going to handle running back Saquon Barkley)

"Tackle, that's it. You know obviously he's been doing great, but tackle. I'm going to be okay.

(On the team's mentality)

"I think the mentality of the team is fine. Like I say, it's all about the players – the coaches too. – but we've got to play the game. Times like this, we've just got to step up. The leaders have got to step up. Myself, that's all I can do and hopefully guys follow behind me. If they're doing something wrong, I let them know because times like this your mind can wander. Your mind can wander, but it's crucial that you've got to stay focused because we're not out of it. Just like the Giants think they're not out of it. They're completely right. You just never know how things will shift or turn. Just keep playing great ball and we've definitely got to start fast this week. I know we say it each and every week. Last week it was difficult, but I feel like we started fast, but we've just got to finish the game."

Kicker Cairo Santos

(On how it feels to be able to play with the Buccaneers offense)

"I feel great. I've been watching these guys actually – Garrison [Sanborn] and Bryan [Anger] – for a couple weeks now to see how they operate, so I feel like I'm coming into a great spot. They're very good at what they do. Looking forward to getting out there today and getting in sync with them. Like you said, I love kicking for good offenses. I got the chance to play for the Rams, Chiefs – kicking a lot. It's something that I'm used to and hopefully we'll get some extra points going more than field goals – that would be the goal."

(On what he will bring to the team)

"I've played in some tough places – three and a half years in Kansas City, Chicago – so I'm used to elements and much colder than what normally get at places, winds. I've learned too to illustrate all that through my consistency. That's really what describes me the best. I'm just looking to come in, be myself and then help the team."