Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(On his reaction to losing WR Chris Godwin with a broken finger and if that emphasizes the importance of having depth at wide receiver)

"There's no doubt about it, yeah. I was totally surprised by it when we got back [from Las Vegas]. He looked fine leaving the stadium and we find out he has to have surgery. I think it's very optimistic that he'll be back in a week, but it could be possible. We don't know, really, how long. Again, that's why we have the insurance policy."

(On his discussions with WR Antonio Brown and how Brown looked in his first day at the team facility)

"He looks fantastic. I think we had really good conversations today, he and I. He was in the meetings and everything and he's working with Anthony Piroli and the strength staff. He looks in great shape and ready to go next week."

(On QB Tom Brady changing his footwork when in a shotgun formation and how that has impacted his play on the field)

"I think that's some of the things that he and Clyde [Christensen] have worked on tremendously – all his fundamentals. Like I've always said, we take our quarterbacks to what I call the 'driving range' every day and they're working on fundamentals just like every other position for 20 [to] 30 minutes. You try new things and see how it feels to you rhythm-wise. This one felt pretty good and he's worked really hard at it."

(On if the change in stance was Brady's idea and when it was first brought to him)

"I think it was just, really, him talking to Clyde [Christensen] about the footwork thing and how we've taught it in the past. I've had guys staggered and I've had guys 180 [degrees] across. It's always a comfortable thing getting back to that drop."

(On WR Antonio Brown's first day in the team facility)

"It went really well, and he and I had a good conversation this morning. He'll be ready to go next week and in good shape."

(On QB Tom Brady's recent success in the passing game)

"He's fantastic. When we watched him last year, he could still make every single throw. He hasn't disappointed anybody in that regard. We have no concern about calling any kind of play from five yards to 60 yards. Just a matter of getting more comfortable each and every week and seeing his guys."

(On seeing QB Tom Brady play in his system)

"I think again, it's just learning it and [learning] when to take [chances]. They're not always there and then that's when you drop it down. Third-and-13, we had a shot play – 'Hey, dump it down to Leonard [Fournette]' and he gets the first down. It's just operating within the system. We've incorporated a lot of things that he likes, also. Just making him as comfortable each week as we possibly can."

(On the discussion around QB Tom Brady having an MVP-caliber season thus far)

"I think our team will have to continue to win, for sure. Those type of things only come to winning teams."

(On the familiarity of coaching against a fellow coach who has familiarity with his system like former Giants Defensive Coordinator James Bettcher)

"When you go against other guys – Betch isn't there anymore – but their group now is very, very similar to Miami, who we practiced against last year. We've got some similarities as far as that goes. It's hard when you go against guys [when] they know what you know, and you know what they know. It's a really good chess match."

(On what turned around the offense to allow zero sacks in consecutive games)

"I think getting home from Chicago, watching the tape [and] knowing that, that's not what we're capable of [and] that's not who we are. We don't accept it. I think the players – I didn't really have to say a whole lot about it because they had already grilled themselves pretty hard and know that the standard is the standard. Now that we've played that way for a couple weeks, it's the standard. It really started on the practice field after Chicago. Just maintaining that standard now [and] getting ready each week."

(On if the game is more meaningful to OLB Jason Pierre-Paul in his return to New York and if he has had a conversation with Pierre-Paul about it)

"Not really individually, but just knowing Jason – every game is big. I'm sure going back to New York will be huge for him and you're right – he is playing really, really well right now. [He has] been very consistent getting after the quarterback and also stopping the run. He's playing lights out for us and I'm sure this game will mean something extra to him."

(On if he has learned to file losses away or if a loss like the 2019 game against New York still sticks with him)

"They always stick with you. You can't forget them. They go back 20-something years and they still stick with me – none bigger than the Super Bowl. That should have been a win for us last year and to play the way we did in the fourth quarter – really, the whole second half – we had our chance to win it and we didn't get it done."

(On G Alex Cappa's season)

"He's improved a bunch. He got a lot stronger [and] bigger in the right places. He's playing powerfully in the running game and he and Tristan [Wirfs] are a force over there on double teams. His pass protection has really improved. [There is] just great communication between all five of those guys right now – [it's] at a really high level. The Giants have a bunch of different looks that we'll have to worry about, look [at] and communicate. Communication will be huge this week."

(On if he looked into the complaints about the playing surface at MetLife Stadium in New York)

"No, I really haven't. There's nothing for me to do about it – we're playing on that surface, so let's get ready for it. You really can't train for it or do anything differently – it is what it is. Knock on wood and hopefully we come out healthy."

(On what ILB Lavonte David allows the defense to accomplish defensively and if the defense would be playing at its current level without his leadership)

"Just great leadership. He's a great football player – no doubt about that – but just what he brings leadership-wise and he's gotten to be very vocal. Getting that out of him last year I thought was huge for our defensive football team for having him stand up in front of that group because of the respect factor. He's done a great job of that. Could we have done it? Maybe, but not as easily. That's for sure."

(On what makes him confident WR Antonio Brown will obey the COVID-19 protocols in place this season)
"He wants to play. If you want to play, you've got to do it. In our conversation today, it's, 'Go to football practice, go to work, come home and go back to work.' He's all in. I don't think we'll have any problems with those things."

(On the key to getting T Tristan Wirfs up to speed in his rookie season)
"He's just a really smart player [and] a very, very gifted athlete, also. He's had some of the best pass rushers in the league up against him. [Khalil] Mack got him a couple of times, but other than that he's held his own every single week. He's a physical specimen, but he's a very bright guy. He's a very intense guy. He doesn't show it facially, but he's pretty intense. He'll help a guy up, but he loves knocking him down."