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Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(On if the coaching staff is considering how the offense is installed as it enters the bye week)

"I feel like it's really first quarter stuff – catching up with their gameplan versus us and adjusting to it, because we were in very manageable third downs. They had a blitz zero package that we didn't handle well the first couple [of times] – who was hot [and] what they were supposed to do. [We] kind of ironed it out on the sideline [but] it led to another interception late when the ball went off the helmet. It was the same blitz, but we just didn't correctly adjust. Tom [Brady] was perfect on it and we didn't adjust to the right angle of the route for the zero blitz. Other than that, I thought when we adjusted, we played pretty, pretty solid."

(On if he would like to use more play-action in the offense)

"I'd love to if we're not 17 [points] down early. The nice thing about this one [was] we stayed with the gameplan and clawed back in it. I look at the game and three possessions offensively. Kicking a field goal on the first drive [of the second half] when we've got first-and-goal on the five[-yard line]. We got three [points], but seven was huge. Then, the two scoring opportunities where if we just get field goals, that's six points [and] that makes the difference, [but] we turn it over. To me, those were the drives offensively that were really important. Defensively, we get hit on the out-and-up and we really got exposed twice in man coverage. I don't care who's covering Tyreek Hill because Carlton [Davis III] had him covered – it was just great throws and you can't defend a great throw. Hindsight's always 20-20 – the zone coverage, they were hitting a little bit in RPOs (run-pass options), so you've got to pick your poison with that guy. I was really proud – I thought the defense adjusted really well in the second half. The penalty on the roughing the passer cost us about 3:40 at the end of the game. That was huge – I still don't believe that was a penalty."

(On how many passing options are available underneath when the opposing defense is in a Cover Zero formation)

"There's a bunch of options and you could also check the protection to get it picked up and then take the deep shot. We've got to do a better job of gameplanning that. We knew it was coming – Spags (Chiefs Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo) has always been a Cover Zero guy – we just didn't handle it well enough in certain situations."

(On if he would consider using more motion at the time of the snap moving forward)

"We've done it in the past – we did it for years. Peyton Manning never wanted anybody in motion, so each quarterback is so different [with] what they want the motion for. We have used jet motion a little bit. I'm not a big fan of it if it's going to disrupt what you're doing versus just blocking people."

(On why the pass defense has not been effective in recent weeks and if that is because of a lack of pass rush or lack of coverage in the secondary)

"I think it's that combination. We've got to cover tighter and we've got to get home faster. We can't let a guy in man coverage have 3.7 [or] 3.8 seconds to throw a ball – it's got to come out in three or less. We can cover for 10 to 12 yards, but we can't give them that much time. Again, Patrick [Mahomes] is an unbelievable guy and he just keeps backpedaling. He was backpedaling to his left for about 9.5 yards and then throws a dime. We don't see him every week, but I think tighter coverage – against the Rams it was tighter coverage – but when we're playing man, we have to get home."

(On if QB Tom Brady has asked for more motion in the offense to help determine coverages)

"That's the motion that we use. We do as much as he wants."

(On if he feels the NFL has gone too far in protecting the quarterback)

"I thought Kevin [Minter's penalty against Carolina in Week 10] was a good call. He's got to lower his target, go to the side and not directly land on the quarterback. He did all three. I thought JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) hit the quarterback's arm and glanced into his helmet. I didn't think that would ever be a penalty. Again, we stopped them, but we lost almost four minutes off the clock when we had that ball off the interception, which changes the end of the game. I'm all for protecting quarterbacks – we don't have a league without them, especially low hits on the quarterback. There were a couple that didn't get called."

(On what the coaches will focus on during the Bye Week)

"The self-scouting and stuff that we do is [on] ourselves. We've got every play listed that we've run all season – the yards, the average, the completions – everything statistically for the entire season [and] for the last four ballgames, which is usually what another team breaks down. So, you have [statistics on] yourself for the whole season and the last four to know what the other team is looking at. As far as the other teams, we usually have an advance guy only a week ahead of time, so we've already got something on the Vikings and we'll have something on the Falcons before we play them. Again, it's more about us – our tendencies, our pluses, our minuses, where we've been successful and where we haven't been."

(On why it sometimes takes the defense some time during a game to get comfortable and start playing up to their ability)

"The first 15 plays – everybody has scripted their best first 15. We've got to do a better job of coming out and matching that speed. In the Rams game, it was all quick passes and screens. They did a good job of audibling when we showed man-to-man, bump-and-run to hit a couple screens. The rest were just short routes that we didn't make the tackle. This was not getting fast enough home for a guy running an out-and-up, and to have a safety closer to help. But yeah, we have to start games faster defensively. That was a big emphasis all week, and even the night before the game in talking to them. I said the same thing offensively. We've got to convert those early third downs and get some scores like we did earlier in the season."

(On the roughing the passer penalty on OLB Jason Pierre-Paul late in Sunday's game)

"I thought he hit the arm and the arm came over to the top of his helmet. By exact rule, it's supposed to be a forcible blow. I didn't think it was a forcible blow."

(On CB Carlton Davis III's confidence)

"I think Carlton – he had a tough assignment when we were playing man. He knew it. He got beat on a couple of really good throws and a double move. I don't think he will ever lose any confidence. He is one of those guys that goes to the next play."

(On if RB Ronald Jones II needs to get more touches moving forward)

"I don't think there is any doubt, when we don't have to be in two-minute [offense] for an entire quarter. When you're down three scores, you've got to put your best pass catcher in the ballgame. 'Ro' made a nice catch and run. I think he's getting some more confidence back that we can use him more in the passing game. But no, Leonard [Fournette] has been the guy in third down and nickel, so once you go two-minute, [it's him in the game]. But for sure – if everything is equal and we're not down 17 and fighting back – he needs to have 20 touches."

(On how the team will use the Bye Week to refresh)

"We're not allowed in the facilities today and tomorrow. League rules have us out of the facility for the virus. We'll be back in Wednesday and get everything settled as far as going back through the self-scout stuff, getting a good handle on the Vikings and getting a game plan set. Then we'll have the weekend off."

(On the team's ability to follow league COVID-19 protocols)

"Our guys have been outstanding. We follow the protocols and we have such a great facility. We have so much space, and so much space outside. Our guys, they've had their masks on entirely. At the meetings, they're spread out apart. We've been able to –knock on wood – be really, really good with the virus, especially in the quarterback room."

(On if he will consider implementing a quarantine quarterback moving forward)

"I don't think we need to just because of the protocols that we're following really closely, so I don't think we would have that problem."

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