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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buccaneers vs. Steelers Social Rewind

The Buccaneers went into Pittsburgh 0-3 looking for their first win of the season in hostile territory. Here’s what Twitter had to say about it.

It goes without saying that sentiment was low going into the game. 0-3 and coming off a significant primetime loss in Atlanta. Today on the road, those moods rose and fell and ultimately ended on a pretty high note. Let's go though it. Before the game, as usual, the teams announced their inactives. Both sides were missing some talented starters, but the big story for the Bucs was some stars that were going to be returning to the lineup. And, of course, a new man under center. Inactives

Pittsburgh took the opening kickoff and after a second-play sack, Twitter quickly told everyone how they felt about the return of Gerald McCoy/

GERALD! — Leo (@LeoHowell8) September 28, 2014

The next play turned out even bigger. A couple regulars, Greg Auman and Rick Brown, share the play and @TBBuccaneers mascot Captain Fear celebrates his foresight.

OH my. Sack, fumble. Smith recovers for Bucs. Great first series. #Bucs ball on the 9. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

With great field position, the Bucs would strike first on their second offensive play.

Another Pittsburgh possession and another three-down drive, this one ending in a punt.

The Bucs would again start with great field position and another drive is underway.

Martin with a 5-yard run and then a 15-yard face mask takes the #Bucs to the Pitt 35. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

Ultimately, the Bucs would put up three more.

Three big Steelers passes to Markus Wheaton and Antonio Brown moved the ball inside the 10-yard line. The Buccaneers defense would make the stop, holding Pittsburgh to three.

The Tampa Bay offense wouldn't get anything going and punt it away. Pittsburgh took over at their 40-yard line when some injury news for the Bucs rolled in. Senior Writer and Editor Scott Smith shares while Tom Krasniqi calls the play.

Inside the 10-yard line for second time of the game, the Pittsburgh offense was able to cross the goal line. Game tied up 10-10.

End of first quarter. (Add 16 yards to that Roy Cummings stat on a Austin Seferian-Jenkins catch to end the first.)

The Buccaneers forced to punt after holding penalty and 15-yard sack backed them up. The Steelers offense took over at seven-yard line. SBNation takes a moment to relive a huge play by All-Pro linebacker Lavonte David.

Pittsburgh took the ball to midfield and the teams exchange big plays.

Steelers try to draw Bucs off. Clock winding down, Ben snaps and puts head down. First down. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

Then the Steelers would score again. But Twitter (including Former Vice President of Officiating) thinks that Brown might have gotten away with something.

Holding and consecutive delay of game penalties would move the Buccaneers too far backwards to make up for, punting before the two-minute warning. We turn it over to the analysts to call the plays and take us into halftime.

Two completions to Heath Miller now has Pitt to the 30 with 55 seconds remaining. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

3rd adn 6 at the 26 after a spike by Ben. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

The Bucs would get the ball to start the second half, leading off with some bad news.

The offense picked up with big first downs on a Doug Martin run and Vincent Jackson third-down conversion.

completion to ASJ and a run by Dougie Doug. First and 10 Bucs — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

A huge pass from Glennon to Evans put the ball inside the five, leading to the Bucs third score of the day.

A big sideline pass to Antonio Brown that was ruled complete after a review, a trick WR-to-RB pass and a completion to tight end Heath Miller would put the Steelers inside the 10-yard line. On third down…

#Steelers retake the lead 24-17. Roethlisberger with his 3rd TD pass to TE Heath Miller from 5-yards out. #Bucs987 — 98.7 The Fan (@987TheFan) September 28, 2014

On the ensuing possession the Bucs would get rolling again. Don't mind the Auman tweet, it's not foreshadowing or anything.

Bucs convert another third down. First and 10 on the 40 after a catch by Mike E. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

Later, Glennon would take aim deep down the right sideline at Mike Evans. Evans pulled up with an injury and the ball sails into the hands of Cortez Allen for the interception.

The Steelers took over and moved the ball, but were eventually forced to punt. The Bucs would start the next drive at the eight-yard line as the game moved into the fourth quarter. Again, we'll just take it to a play-by-play.

First down after a Doug Martin run. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

Martin mulled in the backfield but gets 15-yard for facemask by Troy P. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

Bucs now past midfield, facing third down.

They would, however be held out of the end zone, settling for three. 24-20 Steelers on top.

The Bucs defense started strong again. With time winding down in the close game, we see @AroundtheNFL and other national sources starting to tune in.

The Steelers would convert on third down, but would need to punt on the next set of downs. Down four, the tension is starting to build and the Bucs need something big.

Bucs gotta capitalize here. Steelers just left points on the field. — Leo (@LeoHowell8) September 28, 2014

And the drive begins.

what a catch by ASJ. Now third and 1. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

First down at the Pittsburgh 34-yard line.

Bobby Rainey run gets the first down. A gutsy halfback pass call is incomplete and we have second-and-10 at the 14-yard line. Two minutes left in the game.

Incomplete to Murphy. Fourth down. 1:49 left. — Rick Brown (@LedgeronBucs) September 28, 2014

Turnover-on-downs. 1:44 left. Steelers up 24-20. The Bucs would use their two remaining timeouts and the defense would again force the punt.

Time winding down. First pass: Incomplete. Second pass:


And that's the ball game.

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