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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Announce 2012 Season Ticket Pricing

Nearly 80% of general admission seats for Buccaneers games will come at reduced prices in 2012, and the team is offering many new price options


Understanding fans' desire for enhanced value, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced on Wednesday a new 2012 season ticket benefits program and price structure designed to provide options at a greater variety of price points. In addition, prices for nearly 80% of general admission seats will be reduced and this will be the fourth consecutive year without price increases. These and other improvements came from extensive fan feedback welcomed over the past year.

"Listening to our fans, the overwhelming recommendation they made is more value and more options between the most affordable seats and the most exclusive," said Buccaneers Co-Chairman Ed Glazer. "For 2012, we specifically sought to make lower-level seats more accessible to a greater number of people, while also giving more fans than ever the chance to become season pass members through a completely overhauled pricing system intended to offer something for everyone."

Bucs fans becoming season pass members can realize savings of up to 45% off the prices they would pay for individual games. For instance, a family of four can buy season passes on the 50-yard line in the upper deck (Section 310)  and save nearly $1,500 versus individual game pricing.*

The new season pass packages include not only lower prices for close to 80% of general admission seating but also a larger selection of pricing options throughout the stadium. And for the fourth consecutive year, there will be no price increases.

Many of the popular $35-season tickets will now be just $30 per game, and the previously $17.50 youth tickets for fans 16-and-under will drop to just $15 per game. A family of four would pay only $90 per game if they chose to sit in the most affordable seats.

Season passes in the lower level will also be considerably more affordable. For example, 100-level end zone tickets have gone from $89 to $75 per game. With the new prices, a family of four seeking to sit in the lower level would save $560 from last year's season pass prices.

The benefit program will include a service team dedicated to maximizing members' game-day and year-round experiences. The program will also include additions to each member ticket package, such as a player meet-and-greet, as well as technological enhancements like exclusive smart device apps for members only and free game-day Wi-Fi access.   Stadium club members will also enjoy additional exclusive events throughout the year featuring players, coaches, and team executives.

One of the team's goals heading into the 2012 season is to bring enhanced value to season pass packages. In addition to the season pass discount from individual game prices, members can look forward to saving in other areas.  In 2012, those discounts will improve to 15% off all in-stadium food, beverage** and merchandise concessions (versus 10% in 2011) and members will also be able to apply that 15% savings to online purchases at the team store.

The Buccaneers will also continue to offer the popular, interest-free 10-month payment plan option.

For more information or to speak with a Buccaneers account representative, please contact the ticket office at 813-879-BUCS (2827) or visit 

(including Ticketmaster processing fees*

* non alcoholic only)*

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