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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Fans on Father's Day

A look at some Bucs fans saluting their dads on Twitter for Father's Day

@TBBuccaneers me and my boys in Ohio repping #BucNation #itsadadslife — Lovie Time In Tampa! (@pewterpirate83) June 15, 2014

1st & 2nd generation - go DADS go BUCS @TBBuccaneers — Lloyd Pierce (@parallel_ruler) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers me and my son's first Buc's game in 2012. Happy Fathers Day from Scotland #itsadadslife — Stuart Anderson (@stuarty1973) June 15, 2014

Long trip from Nova Scotia down to Tampa! Glad I got to do it with my dad! #FathersDay @TBBuccaneers — Richard Barry (@RichBarry52) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers no better memories than my baby girl and I supporting the Red and Pewter! #FathersDay — Byron Taylor, M.S. (@DXMjrMinority) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers my dad and I before I left for boot camp! #itsabucslife — Ben Kelsey (@NickbucTV) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers tailgating at the Buccaneer Brew Crew before a home game. #SeasonPassMembers #itsadadslife — Adam (@AdaminPewter) June 15, 2014

My little man, the love of my life & my Daddy! Happy Daddy Day! @TBBuccaneers #3Generations #HappyFathersDay — Emily Bullock (@BullockEm) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers at the all pro day event with my kids #itsabucslife #CoachLovie — Ish bucs1 (@bucslakers1) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers Bucs/Panthers game in Charlotte last year #GoBucs #ItsADadsLife #HappyFathersDay — Aaron Long (@AaronLong92) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers raising Bucs fans in Green Bay since '93 — jeff fitzpatrick (@bucsfanfitz) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers Bucs/Bears game at Wembley few years back. @BucsUK #itsabucslife #HappyFathersDay — Jonathan Forrest (@jonfozz) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers Happy Father's Day! To the #1 bucs fan and great dad! Marcus Allen #Bucs — stephanie (@sexy_squared) June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! Pic from the @TBBuccaneers vs the eagles last year. Might have lost but it was a good game. — Justin creech (@Jcreech45) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers From Northern Indiana #Bucs #itsadadslife — Michael Taylor (@mtaylor_IN) June 15, 2014

Happy father's day! #bucs #itsadadslife @TBBuccaneers — shanna (@evrlngfoo) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers #itsadadslife my buddy.. — steven thompson (@bucman22) June 15, 2014

@TBBuccaneers #itsadadslife Representing the #Bucs during bring your kids to work day. #Itsabucslife — David Cohen (@DavidCohenEsq) June 15, 2014

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