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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Hope to Ground the Jets

Follow all of the action in the NFL’s best matchup today in our special Gameday section


WR Jacquez Green and the Buccaneers haven't lost at home for over a year

The week that felt like two has finally come to its conclusion, and all of the talking will now be accomplished on the field. The New York Jets visit Raymond James Stadium today to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the only matchup between two 3-0 teams on the schedule.

Thus, the entire NFL world has its eyes on Tampa today, where the nationally-televised game will begin at 4:15 p.m. Roughly three hours later, one of these two teams will be undefeated and in undisputed control of its own division.

The Jets have twice used late-game heroics to pull off victories. The Bucs have pretty much controlled all three of their games. So, if the game is close at the end, will Tampa Bay be able to stave off another Vinny Testaverde-engineered comeback? If the Bucs work up an early lead, will the Jets be able to stop the Bucs' snowball effect, so prominent against Chicago and Detroit?

And is 'snowball' the most out-of-place word in this analysis. It's going to be hot on the field at Raymond James, a heat that the Bucs have sweltered through in practice for the last two months. Will that be an element for which the Jets are prepared? Or will the Bucs extend their home winning streak to a franchise record nine games?

We don't have all the answers yet, but we'll get them once we hit kickoff at 4:15. At that point, our Gameday section will begin bringing you extensive coverage of all the action. There will be quarterly updates of the action, complete with details of nearly every snap. There will be stats at the end of each period, plus a link to live play-by-play and stats provided by the NFL. There will be a collection of game photographs, growing as the contest moves on. There will be inside injury information, a detailed scoring summary and live coverage of the postgame press conference.

Beginning an hour before the game, will go into the team locker room and speak with Head Coach Tony Dungy to provide a pre-game report. We'll do it again 30 minutes before kickoff. is your only source that is allowed in the locker room, in the training room, in the coach's office, before the game.

Bucs, Jets. Only one can stay undefeated. Don't miss any of it.

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