Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs Mourn Passing of Dr. Herbert Rubin

The Buccaneers flew their flags at half-mast on Tuesday to honor a much-loved family member who was also known as one of the team’s biggest fans


The flags at One Buccaneer Place flew at half-mast on Tuesday as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers mourned the loss of a beloved member of the family. !

Dr. Herbert Rubin, father of Shari Glazer and father-in-law of Buccaneers Co-Chairman Edward Glazer, passed away on Monday, August 8.  He is survived by daughters Alexie, Shari and Hillary and son Tony.

A gastroenterologist who lived in Los Angeles, Dr. Rubin was a die-hard supporter of the Buccaneers who proudly wore his passion for the team on his sleeve for all to see.  Some say, in fact, that he had not been seen in anything other than Buccaneers clothing for the last 15 years.

A student of the game, Dr. Rubin never missed a Buccaneers game and attended as many in person as he could.  He was an optimistic fan who always expected victory for the Buccaneers and believed, like many coaches, that the game was won up front.  Dr. Rubin had a particular fondness for offensive linemen and unconditionally supported all the big men who provided the blocking for the Buccaneers over the last decade and a half.

A dearly-loved family member and an enormous Buccaneers fan, Dr. Herbert Rubin will be missed.

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