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Bucs Position Coaches Answer Your Tweets

The Bucs position coaches were made available to the media on Wednesday. We asked for your questions on twitter, and here are the coaches’ responses.

Coach Gil Byrd how excited are you to coach the best CB in the NFL @Revis24? How special is he? #CompleteCorner #RevisIsland #BucsQandA — 38•Gomez•38 (@TrueBucc4Life) January 29, 2014

@TBBuccaneers #BucsQandA will we see Revis in more man coverage this year shutting down a side of the field? — Kelvin Smarwt (@10K_Smarwt) January 29, 2014

Cornerbacks Coach Gill Byrd said the defense is called "Tampa 2", but that doesn't mean they don't run multiple defensive looks. Revis is very talented and can play any defense they call.

@TBBuccaneers this O-line is set up for a power run game. Are they capable of running screen plays. We've not done it effectively in years. — MikeInTampa2 (@MikeInTampa2) January 29, 2014

Asst. O-Line Coach Matt Wiegand said this is a veteran heavy group…they have seen it all and they can do it all. He is very excited to work with them.

@TBBuccaneers #BucsQandA Do you plan to use Barron near the line of scrimmage as much as last year? Do you expect Gholston to play more? — Mason Laidley (@Bucs_TB55) January 29, 2014

Coach Mikal Smith who is better suited to play the free safety position? Goldson or Barron? Or are they interchangeable #BucsQandA — 38•Gomez•38 (@TrueBucc4Life) January 29, 2014

Safeties Coach Mikal Smith stressed the importance of both Goldson and Barron being able to play both Strong Safety and Free Safety. Different situations may call for different lineups, or one may have to fill in for the other. Both are capable of playing either spot at a high level.

What are going to be the key defensive goals going into next season and which players are most important to these goals? #BucsQandA — Shawn Dziepak (@dzzpak) January 29, 2014

Defensive Quality Control Coach Dave Borgonzi stressed the importance of creating takeaways. Also, not just stopping at the takeaway, but turning it into defensive touchdowns.

Coach Jon Embree will Tim Wright continue his development at TE? If so, how heavy would you like him to be considering his frame? #BucsQandA — 38•Gomez•38 (@TrueBucc4Life) January 29, 2014

Coach Embree sees Wright having continued success at tight end for the Bucs. He said he will look to have Wright put on some weight, but not so much that it sacrifices his athleticism which is his strength at the position.

@TBBuccaneers how many days a week do the players lift in season and out of season? #BucsQandA — Jeff Neal (@JeffBobNeal) January 29, 2014

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Joe Vaughn says the players are lifting about four times a week during the offseason. In-season they lift at least twice a week.

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