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Bucs Present Tickets to the Future at Twin Lakes Elementary

The Buccaneers visited Twin Lakes Elementary School on Thursday to present their fifth-grade students with "Tickets to the Future."

The Glazer Family and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a long-term commitment to Buccaneers Academy students at Twin Lakes Elementary distributing "tickets" for a future job interview with the Buccaneers.

On Thursday, the Buccaneers visited Twin Lakes Elementary School's fifth grade class to present them with "Tickets to the Future" as they prepare to graduate from elementary school and move on to middle school. The ticket promises each student in Twin Lakes' fifth-grade class an interview for an internship with the Buccaneers after earning a two or four-year degree. The students can redeem the ticket in 10 years.

Twin Lakes is one of 24 Buccaneers Academies, a program that consists of 14,200 students and 2,000 teachers. The team is engaged with students at each Buccaneers Academy on a year-round basis, but focuses on fifth-graders during this time of year when they are graduating.

"Through the Ticket to the Future the Bucs and the Glazer family demonstrate their long-term commitment to these students in a unique and powerful way," said Eileen Sweeny, the team's Director of Community Relations. "We hope this commitment inspires the personal commitments of the students to study hard and complete their education. In short, we believe in them."

The Buccaneers hope that the tickets will help motivate the students as they continue their education through middle school, high school and beyond. The tickets also reminded the students that there are jobe with the Buccaneers that expand beyond the football field.

There are positions in sales, marketing, multimedia production and sponsorships, just to name a few. The team hopes that the long-term commitment that they've made to these students will help motivate them throughout their academic careers.

For more on the Buccaneers' community outreach program, click **HERE**.

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