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Week Three of our 2000 Season coverage wraps up with two chances to send questions directly to key Buccaneer players


CB Ronde Barber will contemplate your questions on Thursday

Two-time Pro Bowl safety John Lynch just signed a new contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that will keep him around for much of this decade. His secondary mate, CB Ronde Barber, is a prime candidate for NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors thanks to his 2.5 sacks and one touchdown against Chicago.

As one would imagine, Barber and Lynch are in high demand this week during the team's periods of media availability. However, you don't have to depend on newspapers or tv stations to ask the questions you want answered. Both of these high-profile Tampa Bay players will be featured on Buccaneers.com this week in ways that allow you to be the interviewer.

On Thursday, Barber will be the latest guest on the site's weekly Player Chat sessions. Last Thursday, NFL Defensive Player of the Week Warren Sapp sat down at our terminals for a live session with a packed chat room and answered questions for 30 minutes. This week, it's Barber's turn. And yours. Click here to register for Barber's chat, then join us again at approximately 4:30 on Thursday for the lively session.

Speaking of 'Your Turn', that popular interview series also returns this week when Lynch sits down with Buccaneers.com on Friday afternoon. For the past 10 days, Buccaneers.com has taken submissions from its users that it will use to run the league's most ferocious tackler through a session of 20 Questions. Every question will be something that Buccaneers fans want to know, and each one that is used will be accompanied by the name and hometown of the user. The results of the interview will then be available for viewing later on Friday.

Previous guests on Your Turn include Rich McKay, Tony Dungy, Monte Kiffin, Les Steckel and Jerry Angelo. In May, Buccaneers.com asked the site's users to choose which player would be first in the hot seat, and second-year QB Shaun King was the leading choice. Lynch was close behind, and that makes him the perfect guest for the return of the series.

Join us, then, on Thursday and Friday as Ronde Barber and John Lynch use Buccaneers.com to interact with the team's most rabid fans.

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