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Cheers! Announcing the 2010 TBBC

From a field of approximately 300 contenders, the Buccaneers have chosen 30 women who will form the prestigious 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders...The team includes 10 newcomers and two former Bucs Cheerleaders returning for another season


Auditions for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' cheerleading squad came to an end last Friday after two intense but very fruitful weeks.For the first time ever, the majority of those tryouts were held at team headquarters, which meant each of the approximately 300 candidates would exit the front doors of One Buccaneer Place at the end of her session.

Now, 30 of those talented and enthusiastic women will do the same thing in a figurative sense, emerging from team headquarters to represent the Buccaneers in the Bay area and around the globe for the next 12 months.

Those 30 women make up the prestigious 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders, a team that was announced on Friday.Scroll down to see the entire list, which includes 20 returning cheerleaders and 10 promising newcomers.Buccaneers Cheerleading Coordinator Cathy Boyd, who ran the auditions and made the final selections, is thrilled with this year's squad.

"I think we have a really good mix, with 18 veterans from last year, two veterans from previous years and the 10 rookies," she said."It's a good balance.Some of our new women have very interesting careers - we have an adoption specialist, an insurance underwriter and a registered nurse.This is a great group of rookies and we think they will bring a lot of enthusiasm to our squad.They'll fit in great with our returning veterans, who made the team so special last year."

Buccaneers Cheerleaders devote countless hours to practice, performances, charitable appearances and even worldwide military support tours.These hardworking women balance those responsibilities with schoolwork and/or full-time careers.Rookie Kara Partin, for instance, is the adoption specialist to which Boyd refers, while fellow newcomers Faith Decker and Sarah Nelson are the insurance underwriter and registered nurse, respectively.Among the returning veterans are many students, as well as a dental hygienist (Jaime Hanna), a cardiopulmonary technician (Stephanie Ritz) and an elementary school teacher (Roseanne Strobel), to name a few.The two previous veterans who are back after not participating last year are Lisa Banspach and Milly Figuereo.

All 30 of the selected cheerleaders are already finding ways to divide their time between rehearsals, schoolwork and office responsibilities.

"We've already started team meetings and "boot camp" workouts after the meetings," said Boyd, who informed those who auditioned of the selections last Friday."We're already in full swing.Some of the veterans will be at the Draft Day Party at the stadium, but the first performance for the full squad will be at FanFest in June."

In other words, there is much hard work in the next few months awaiting:





Ashlee Figg


Estimating Coordinator

Ashley Kowal

4-Year Veteran


Ashley Lamb


Student - Advertising

Courtney Russ

2-Year Veteran

Student - Communications

Cynthia Bastos

2-Year Veteran

Project Engineer

Faith Decker


Insurance Underwriter

Holly Sellers

4-Year Veteran

Student - Education

Jaime Hanna

4-Year Veteran

Dental Hygienist

Jennifer Summers

8-Year Veteran

Student - Marketing

Jessica Barsch


Marketing Representative

Kara Partin


Adoption Specialist

Kelli Jones

4-Year Veteran

Promotions Producer

Lauren Cross


Student - Mass Communications

Lisa Banspach

3-Year Veteran

Student - Education

Marlana Aref

2-Year Veteran

Student - Psychology

Meagan Pravden

2-Year Veteran

Student - Broadcast Journalism

Melanie Martinez


Student - Graphic Design

Milly Figuereo

4-Year Veteran

Office Manager

Nikki Fraser


Student - Nursing

Nina Stauffer

2-Year Veteran

Student - International Business

Rochelle Williams

3-Year Veteran

Student - Media Communications

Roseanne Strobel

3-Year Veteran

Elementary School Teacher

Sarah Nelson


Registered Nurse

Shaniqua Brown


Student - Social Sciences

Stephanie Ritz

2-Year Veteran

Cardiopulmonary Technician

Susan Stein

3-Year Veteran


Tanya Rossi

2-Year Veteran

Cheerleading Coach

Tiffany Jimenez

5-Year Veteran

Dance instructor

Tomoko Kojima

8-Year Veteran

Student - Education

Tramane Shuler

5-Year Veteran

Student - Physical Therapy

The auditions, which began on Monday, March 22, attracted approximately 300 original candidates. In a departure from the tryout format of previous years, the women did not learn a choreographed routine before their audition and they did not perform in large groups.Instead, those who auditioned danced freestyle to popular music in sets of two, hopefully displaying both physical talent and a charismatic personality.

"The process was really smooth this year," said Boyd."We had a lot of changes, and having it here at One Buc Place really helped.It seemed like everyone was on an even slate because they didn't know what to expect.We had two women who were previously on the team but not on last year's squad, and they definitely didn't know what to expect.I think that sort of leveled the playing field for everybody."

From that original field, 100 women were tabbed for callbacks, where the group was again narrowed down to 58 finalists. Paring those 58 down to 30 was a tough process, as it is every year.

"It was difficult, especially once you get to know them," said Boyd."During the interview part of the process, you get to know what they're all about, what they're passionate about outside of dancing, what really makes them unique and special.Once you see what is special about all of these women, and you picture how they can fit into the team, it can be very hard to pare down the list.

"It comes down to a lot more than just dancing, and you really get to know these women on a personal level.We spent a lot of time with the last 58, and they were all very talented.There were a few that were right on the cusp, and we're hoping we'll see them back at next year's tryouts.

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