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Combine: Winston's Workout Report

Recapping Jameis Winston's performance at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Look back at QB Jameis Winston's performance at the NFL Scouting Combine.

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> MARIOTA'S WORKOUT REPORTGRADE:AOVERVIEW: Winston's decision to throw at the combine proved to be a wise one. Although throwing in shorts and a t-shirt without a rush or defensive backs isn't an exact simulation of a game, Winston put almost every one of his passes right where he wanted to. His release was shortened up from the enlongated baseball motion he sometimes reverted to and he displayed excellent footwork in his five and seven-step drops. On Thursday, it was reported that Winston had "weakness by a nerve" in his throwing shoulder, but the injury didn't have an effect on his performance. Winston's 40-yard dash was 10th of the 13 quarterbacks, but it's safe to say he probably won't be running a 40-yard straight line on Sundays. His meetings with coaches and general managers seem to have gone well. NFL analyst Steve Mariucci referred to Winston as "the smartest QB" he's ever met with.

WHAT HE'S SAYING: "I believe I accomplished what I needed to," Winston said. "I just came here trying to be real, be as genuine as possible." In reference to his meetings with coaches, Winston continued, "It wasn't tough at all. Like I said, I was being real. I wasn't trying to put on any show or anything. I didn't even get coached up like I should have been coached up. I took responsibility for everything and was just real."



VERTICAL: 28.5 Inches

BROAD JUMP: 8 Feet, 7 inches

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