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Data Crunch: 2015 QB Prospects

Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston both have a strong statistical case for being the first quarterback (and player) taken in the 2015 NFL Draft.


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Insider: Offseason update Quarterback is arguably the most difficult position in football as it requires an individual with great physical and mental complexion to run the intricate offenses of the NFL. Last season, 21 out of the 32 (66%) teams had acquired their top passer via the NFL draft. With the first overall pick this year, the Buccaneers are expected to follow suit.
Currently there is a consensus amongst draft pundits that a quarterback will be the first selection in the 2015 NFL Draft.  As the debate moves to which signal-caller the Buccaneers should select, personality and player-team fit have become the most common topics used to critique the top quarterback prospects. These matters are hard to quantify and even more difficult to project going forward. I propose we let the numbers do the talking and take a look at how the 2015 quarterback draft class stacks up.

There are obviously two favorites in the race for the top spot - former Florida State QB Jameis Winston and former Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Both men are quite accomplished, each taking home a Heisman Trophy and leading their team to a National Championship Game during their illustrious college careers. It seems like the Bucs can't go wrong with their choice on April 30, a date much anticipated by Bucs' fans and front office alike.

So how do Mariota and Winston look side-by-side?  Where do they rank amongst the 2015 draft class?  Use the interactive graphic below to compare the passing statistics of the top prospects under center.


The Buccaneers will have an abundance of appealing options available at the first pick, and a franchise-caliber quarterback, or two, might be amongst them.  Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are at the top of the 2015 quarterback class, but picking one over the other appears to be difficult.  Mariota was top of the class during the 2014 season, but Winston was just as dominant in 2013, his first season starting.  Stats alone aren't enough to end the debate; team officials will continue to spend countless hours to evaluate the skillset, leadership ability, and aptitude of each young prospect before making their final decision.

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