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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Draft Central

Visit our special section devoted to the 2006 NFL Draft and the Bucs’ efforts to make the most of it…Includes news, spotlight features, fan polls and the return of a popular contest


Head Coach Jon Gruden and the Buccaneers are just days away from another long and fruitful weekend spent in the Draft Room

Could the 2006 NFL Draft really be just two weeks away?

For the avid NFL fan, March and April seem to speed by as quickly as November and December do for holiday shoppers. One moment you're trying to make sense out of the Scouting Combine numbers, and the next moment your team is on the clock.

So, yes, the draft is just two weeks away, and if you blink it will be upon us. You have just 13 shopping days to stock up on whatever supplies will allow you to stay glued to approximately 18 hours of televised coverage on the weekend of April 29-30. And you have just over a fortnight to read everything Kiper-generated, if you want to call yourself a draftnik.

We're here to help. On Friday, launched its annual Draft Central section, a special area devoted solely to the most important weekend of the NFL offseason. While the main thrust of Draft Central is to provide wall-to-wall Buccaneer coverage during the actual draft weekend, you may also find the area useful over the next two weeks.

Here are a few of the things you'll find in the Draft Central, for your use now and on draft weekend:

  • Draft-Related News and Features. Visit now to see what a collection of mock drafts from the mainstream media, when mashed together, tell us about what the Buccaneers might get at pick number 23. Check out the main story or the archive, which features a growing list of features on players who are eligible for this year's draft.
  • Buccaneers Draft History. Review each of Tampa Bay's previous 30 drafts, complete with every pick since 1976. Want to know what the Bucs got out of the first overall pick in 1987, or why they didn't make the same selection in 1992? Find the answers here.
  • "Twenty-One Questions" Draft Contest. A small variation on last year's extremely popular Draft Central contest, this one will test your predictive ability on a wide variety of draft-related matters. Take a stab at 21 questions with pull-down menus, ranging from the obvious (Who will be the Bucs' first overall pick?) to the obscure (Which conference will send the most players to the draft?) to the probably meaningless (What color tie will the first overall pick be wearing when he is introduced in New York?). Prizes for the Draft Central contest will be announced next week.
  • links. The official web site of the National Football League, the hub of the NFL Internet Network, has been providing draft content almost since the day after Super Bowl XL. Check this section of Draft Central for specific updated links that might be of interest to Buccaneer fans.
  • Draft Tracker. No draft site is complete without a pick-by-pick tracker. Want to keep up with Buccaneers and make sure you never miss a pick? You can, because the tracker will keep you updated throughout the weekend with the latest picks. You can also review any round at any time.
  • Video Center. During the draft, every press conference conducted at team headquarters will be carried live on and available shortly thereafter on demand. will also conduct exclusive interviews with team scouting personnel as high-round picks are made.
  • Draft Blog. Our running blog during draft weekend will keep you updated on minor developments at One Buccaneer Place and in the draft overall. Want the details on the team's trade to move up in Round Five? Check out the Draft Blog.
  • Fan Polls. Express your opinions on the draft with a frequently-changing poll, before during and after draft weekend.
  • Bucs' Draft Review. If by some chance you're not planning to devote that whole weekend to the draft, Draft Central is a good place to catch up on what your favorite team was able to do. Visit any time for a look at who the team has drafted and detailed information on each new Buccaneer.

The 2006 NFL Draft is almost upon us. The Draft Central section is already here. Visit now to enter the Twenty-One Questions contest, read the latest Buccaneer draft news or peruse the franchise's draft history. And come back on April 29 and 30 to spend draft weekend with us.

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