Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Evans Won't Play as Himself in Madden

Why doesn't WR Mike Evans like to play as himself in EA Sports' Madden video game?


On Tuesday, EA Sports released their latest Madden video game – Madden '16. Wide receiver Mike Evans is a fan, but he said he doesn't like playing as himself in the game.

"I used to always create myself when I was younger and I and I would make myself a 99 (overall)," Evans said, "and now I'm not that (rating) because I'm really on the game.  It's cool to see myself but my rating isn't as high as I want it to be so I won't play with myself until it gets fixed."

Evans is rated an 87 overall, the third-highest of any Buccaneer. If he doesn't like to play as himself, which wide receivers does Evans choose when he takes the virtual gridiron? Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown and Detroit's Calvin Johnson, he said.

Evans said that improving his rating was a goal, mostly because it will be a reflection of his play on Sundays.

"I've got to get my Madden rating up," Evans said. "Usually if your Madden rating goes up it means you're doing something good in real life."

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