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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Get Under Lynch's Helmet

This Saturday’s ”Under the Helmet” program, produced by NFL Films, will feature in-game audio clips from S John Lynch


With NFL Films' help, you'll find out what John Lynch says and hears during a game

Earlier this month, John Lynch appeared on a 'Your Turn' interview on, allowing fans to provide the questions. Predictably, Lynch's fans wanted to know everything about the hard-hitting safety's bruising tackles. How do they feel? What do you hear? What's the last thing you see? Do you talk trash after a big hit?

This Saturday, a few of those questions will be answered on FOX-TV's weekly "Under the Helmet" program.

Lynch wore a microphone for NFL Films during a game, and the results make up one of the features on this week's "Under the Helmet," which airs each week at noon (Eastern Time) on Saturday.

This Saturday's show also features one of the Bucs' opponents in this Sunday's game at Washington, QB Brad Johnson. After passing for 4,000 yards and earning his first Pro Bowl berth in 1999 JOHNSON has established himself as one of the NFL's premier passers.

Now, Johnson will share his thoughts on life in the NFL with 12-year-old reporter and Redskins fan GRANT PAULSEN.

"Under the Helmet," the NFL's teen-driven magazine show, produced by NFL Films, features the best of the NFL and the world of contemporary music.

Johnson and Paulsen will discuss the quarterback's B.E.E.F. method for passing success (balance, eyes, elbow, follow-through) and other aspects of succeeding at the highest level of the sport.

Paulsen, a native of King George, Virginia, is no stranger to the media spotlight, having covered the NFL for Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine and picked the winners of NFL games for a Washington-area television station.

Another quarterback on the rise, Tennessee's STEVE McNAIR, will be the subject of an "Under the Helmet" video tribute. McNair's highlights will be accompanied by the hit "Whoa!" by rapper BLACK ROB.

N.Y. Jets wide receiver WAYNE CHREBET will take viewers "Back in the Day," discussing his football ascension from Garfield (NJ) High School to NFL star.

The FULL DEVIL JACKET hit "Stain" will accompany the best plays from Week 4 action around the league.

Fans can also pick the Play of the Week on the show's web site,, where game highlights are intercut with video game footage from EA Sports. There will also be an interview with actor DENZEL WASHINGTON.

"NFL Under the Helmet" airs every Saturday at noon ET on FOX-TV (check local listings). The show is hosted by RON PITTS and REBECCA GRANT.

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