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Jameis Winston Returns in Improved Shape

Workout sessions with Michael Jordan’s former personal trainer have Jameis Winston in excellent shape heading into the 2016 season.

Those in attendance for Jameis Winston's press conference at One Buccaneer Place on Monday couldn't help but notice a difference with the Bucs' signal-caller. Winston was much leaner than his rookie season, and said he was stronger and in better condition than he was a year ago.

"I feel great, but it's still a work in progress," Winston said. "This is April. You've got to be peaking when it gets to August. You've got to be peaking when it's the middle of the season. I'm always just working trying to get better every single day. I do believe I look good [laughs] – I'm just saying, that was my main objective, not to lose myself because I love to eat so I had to keep working hard. By me not knowing what to do in the offseason, it helped me because I was just like, 'I know how to work.' So I started working."

Winston spent his offseason working with a slew of trainers, from those on the Bucs' staff to Tim Grover, the former personal trainer of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade, among others.

"I've been with him once a month, for the most part, so I've spent about three weeks with him," Winston said of Grover. "Just trying to get my body right, trying to stay in shape. I'm not used to really having an offseason. I jumped right into baseball right now [in previous years], so I was kind of in a place where I didn't know where to go but [my] instincts say, 'Work hard, Jameis, and you'll be alright.'"

Winston accounted for 28 touchdowns as a rookie, six of which were rushing – a team record for a quarterback. Throughout the 2015 season, he'd rattled off a few things he would like to work on. For now, he's just taking it a day at a time.

"My main goal is just to get better every single day, so whatever (Quarterbacks) Coach (Mike) Bajakian (says). Coach Bajakian gave me a list of things to get better on, I looked at those things and I just try to improve on them every day I can."

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