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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Evans' Symposium Experience

Mike Evans shares his experience from the NFL Rookie Symposium and explains how it can help with his transition into being a professional athlete.


Taking It All In
By Mike Evans

I feel blessed to be here at the Rookie Symposium. I am here learning from past players' mistakes, learning about how this game is a business directly from the players in the league.

So far, the transition into the NFL is going well for me. The playbook is more intense than college, more difficult than I'm used to, but it's coming along well. We have a fast-paced offense, which I had in college. That was an easy transition. The talent level is a little different. The guys at this level are a little smarter and a little more athletic. But the transition has been smooth so far.

The Symposium will continue to help make my transition smooth, especially on the business side of it. Three rookies from last year (Zac Stacy, Kyle Long and Giovani Bernard) came to talk to us and told us about trying not to hit a rookie wall, and I think they gave us good insight about what to expect this upcoming year.

When I leave here, I hope to have developed an even better relationship with my teammates and other players here, and leave with financial knowledge that will help me after football.

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