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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Interactive Features Enhance Bucs Gameday

The Bucs continue to deliver innovative Gameday app users a fully immersive experience with new interactive games and features.


When the Buccaneers took the field for their home opener in Week 3, the team simultaneously launched two new interactive features on their official app – 15 Seconds of Fame and a collection of interactive games. The Bucs are the first professional sports teams to utilize augmented reality for in-stadium interactive games.

The launch comes one year after the inception of Bucs Showdown, another interactive game hosted on the team's mobile app which, has been up-and-running since the start of the 2015 season.

"We strive to deliver the most innovative gameday experience in the NFL for our fans," said Buccaneers Chief Marketing Officer Brian Killingsworth. "The Bucs Official App provides fans with unique ways to participate in the interactive games on BV6 with augmented reality. Also, fans that make it on the boards can now get that content delivered directly to their phones."

During a Buccaneers home game at Raymond James Stadium, many fans are featured on the team's all-new, HD video boards throughout the game. But by the time many fans realize they are on the boards, it might be too late for them to get their phones out to capture the moment. 15 Seconds of Fame allows fans to download a high-resolution copy of the video that appeard on the boards in the stadium. Fans are able to take a picture of their face and 15 Seconds of Fame will automatically recognize whether or not they appeared on the boards and send the content directly to the fans.


The two games available on the Bucs' app are the Ford Tug of War and the Pirate Ship Race.

When playing Ford Tug of War, users will select a Red or White truck. Two contestants will tap on a tablet to pull for one of the trucks. Fans in the stadium on the app will also be given an opportunity to play from their phone, controlling the outcome.

The Bucs' Pirate Ship Race is an interactive ship race featuring three pirate ships. Through the use of augmented reality, the field becomes water. The Buccaneers are the first professional sports team to utilize such technology for their in-stadium experience. Users will tap or swipe the ship they want to win. The ships will race across the water powered by the user's input.

Bucs Showdown has been in existence for over a year. It is played throughout the Bucs' games, both home and away, and allows fans to make predictions as the game goes on. For example, one Bucs Showdown question could be how many passing yards Jameis Winston will rack up before the final whistle.

There are about a dozen questions posted throughout the game. The fan that answers the most questions correctly wins a weekly prize, a Vincent Jackson signed football and copy of EA Sports' Madden video games being two prizes recently given away.

In addition to these new, interactive features fans at the stadium are able to watch the game from 12 different camera angles on the Bucs' app, along with NFL Redzone.

For fans who do not have the Buccaneers' mobile app, it could be found in the App Store or by clicking **HERE**.

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