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Postcards from Africa: Saturday, July 1

A leopard sighting highlights another day on safari

We were awoken at 5:30 a.m. by the sounds of drums, alerting us to get ready for our morning drive. The morning and late evening drives are rather cold, but the afternoon weather is perfect. On the morning drive, we saw several more animals, including elephant, water buffalo, hippo and zebra. Derrick and the Dungy's truck broke down just three minutes after coming across a small herd of elephants. We were stranded for an hour or more, but were lucky not to see anything during that time.

Back at the camp, we had breakfast and then broke up into three groups. One went fishing (didn't catch anything), one went for a nature walk and the other stayed on the camp veranda and played cards. After lunch, we went on our afternoon/night drive and the highlight of the night was a leopard sighting. It was a very large male leopard that had not been seen in eight or nine months.

Dinner was once again served Boma syle around an open campfire. The food has been excellent! We have one more drive in the morning and then we start our drive to Swaziland. It will probably take us six hours to drive via bus to the Swaziland border and then about 45 minutes to get through customs. We'll check in with you tomorrow night!

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