Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Postcards from Africa: Sunday, June 25

The group arrives and tours Cape Town

We went to Table Mountain today because it was a clear day (which is very rare – and Table Mountain is usually closed due to poor weather). We took the cable cars up the mountain and shot several group photos from the top. It was very windy and chilly at the top, but a normal temperature throughout the city. After Table Mountain, we toured the city via bus and then had lunch at the Hard Rock Café at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront Shopping Center.

After lunch, we shopped for gifts and then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We had dinner at The Africa Café. A real African feast was served to us in a communal style (small dishes of everything on the menu shared by everyone so that you get to sample everything).

The flight to Cape Town was long but there were no problems. Going through customs was easy. Everyone is in their room and lights-out will be in one hour. Also, postcards were picked up and will be dropped in the mail tomorrow.

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