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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Prizes Adding Up

Weekly Contest Wrap: Guess the Score entrants now playing for a trio of prizes as nobody wins in Week 2…A new batch of Fan of the Week contestants…Another fantasy winner


The score of this Sunday's Bucs-Raiders game will probably fall in between the last two: 48-21 and 0-45

You know what the problem is? The sixes.

16-10. 10-6. Those aren't the most common football scores, though they're not exactly unusual. They're a product of a lot more field goals than touchdowns on both sides.

Where's the 24-17 or the 31-10? Where's the 21-14?

Perhaps that's what our entrants into the Guess the Score contest would like to know. Two weeks into the new competition, and not a single user has yet to nail the team's score directly on the head. Like we said last week, we'll take that as a bit of a compliment, assuming most of you picked scores with the Buccaneers on top.

But there is good news. Because nobody won the Guess the Score contest in Weeks 1 or 2 – an entrant has to hit each team's score exactly to win – the potential bounty for a Week 3 winner is really starting to add up. As are the rules for this contest, run each week in the site's special Matchup Section, any prize not won one week rolls over to the next.

Therefore, the prizes for the first two weeks – a 2004 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Yearbook and an autographed team hat – will be added to this week's prize: the 2004 National Football League Record & Fact Book. Anyone who's ever read one of the Answer Man’s columns on this site knows what a valuable tool that book can be.

If you'd like to enter this week's Guess the Score contest, please click here. And maybe think about throwing a six or two in there. Unless, of course, you think the Bucs are going to throw up a nice round number on Sunday night. Like, say, 40.


Fan of the Week

Voting is underway for this week's Fan of the Week. To see the nominees and cast your vote, please click here. We have four rabid fans up for your consideration this week, ranging from 10-month-old Josh to a Montreal rooter who has to be bound by his friends to contain his enthusiasm.

Last week, you cast the most votes for Andreas Jensen, a fan from Odense Country, Denmark, which, as Andreas was kind enough to point out, is 'outside the U.S.' Andreas will thus be one of 16 fans in the voting at the end of the season for the Fan of the Year. That winner will take home a prize package of Buccaneers merchandise.

If you or someone you know would make a good candidate for our weekly voting, click here to send in a nomination. You must explain why you are worthy of the selection in 100 words or less and – this is important – you must attach an image of no more than 70k file size.

To see the list of weekly winners, which so far only includes Andreas, please click here.


Home Team Challenge

The competition is heating up in the Home Team Challenge, where Buccaneer fans compete against each other and together as a team against other fans around the NFL.

Last week's winner, Eddie Gius, won two tickets to the Seattle game on Sunday and took an early lead in the full-season standings. At the end of the year, the Home Team Challenge competitor with the highest cumulative score will win a pair of season tickets for the 2005 campaign.

This week's winner is Brad Stilwell. He wins two tickets to the Denver game on October 3.

Home Team Challenge is both exciting and simple to play. Using a base of 300 units and a pool of players with differing values, you must come up with a lineup each week that consists of one quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, one tight end, one kicker and one defense. You set a new lineup each week, using values that are adjusted as the season progress, and you can never go over 300 units.

Each week, the winner – the top scorer among players who signed up through the team's web site – is awarded a pair of tickets to Tampa Bay's next home game.* also provides weekly prizes to overall Home Team Challenge winners, but only those who sign up through are eligible for Buc ticket prizes.

To sign up for the Home Team Challenge, please click here. All it takes is one good week to end up at Raymond James Stadium.

( The winners of the Week 16 and Week 17 Challenges will receive Buccaneer merchandise rather than tickets, as there are no guaranteed home games after Week 16.)*

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