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Each week, Buccaneers.com will bring you video highlights of the weekend’s action produced by the incomparable NFL Films


See Karl Williams caught a key TD pass at New England...see it again

Remember Jacquez Green's unusual deflected-pass touchdown in Foxboro? Remember Jamie Duncan's fumble recovery in the Patriots' end zone? Remember Eric Zeier's laser pass to Karl Williams for another score?

Would you like to? We can help.

Each week by Monday (or Tuesday for a Monday night game), Buccaneers.com will feature in its Audio/Visual Room a video highlight package of the previous day's game. NFL Films covers every game with an extensive crew and its own insider approach and turns the footage into an exciting, action-packed recap.

Though most preseason games are not covered by NFL Films, a crew was on hand for the Buccaneers' most recent tilt in New England, a nationally-televised affair that Tampa Bay won 31-21. To relive the excitement of that contest, and to get a small taste of the weekly highlights to come, please click here.

NFL Films videos are in Real format. The next video highlight posted in the Audio/Visual Room will be on Monday, September 4, following the Buccaneers' season opener in New England.

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