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Robert McClain Reflects on Hard Knocks

McClain discusses the second episode of Hard Knocks.

We're almost at the halfway point of Hard Knocks. The second of five episodes aired on Tuesday, and we're just days away from the third episode hitting HBO.

On the second episode, veteran cornerback Robert McClain was profiled as he fights for a roster spot in a crowded defensive back room. McClain was surprised to see himself so prominently featured on the show, but was happy to give HBO a behind-the-scenes look inside his life as he grinds through training camp.

"I didn't expect to be featured so prominently," McClain said. "I've just been acting the same that I always have during OTAs and mini-camp. I don't like to act different just because the cameras are around. I was happy that I had a segment on Hard Knocks. It was cool seeing my daughter on there having fun."

McClain was surprised to see such a significant portion of Hard Knocks dedicated to him, but had a feeling that he might make the show in one way or another. The Hard Knocks cameras had been following him around, but NFL Films shoots tons of footage that never sees the light of day.

"They were doing a lot of filming so it kind of gave me the idea that it could be a possibility that I'd be on it," McClain said. "Then they told me finally that they were going to have it on an episode."

McClain isn't worried about whether or not Hard Knocks continues to chronicle his journey as he fights for a roster spot on his fourth team in seven years. He's focused on handling his responsibilities and ensuring that he's in pewter and red when the regular season opens up.

Don't be surprised to see him again, though. McClain and rookie linebacker Riley Bullough are emerging as key underdog figures on the show.

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