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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Roster Update: Things to Know - QBs

A few things to know about the Bucs' QBs ahead of training camp.

Photos of QBs Jameis Winston, Seth Lobato, and Mike Glennon.

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Players: Jameis Winston, Mike Glennon, Seth Lobato

Coach: Mike Bajakian

1. The group is inexperienced but talented.
There are three quarterbacks on the Bucs' roster but just one, Mike Glennon, has thrown a pass in a regular season game. Despite their lack of experience, the Bucs' QB room is full of talent; Jameis Winston was top pick in this year's draft and Seth Lobato threw for over 8,000 yards in 35 games at Northern Colorado. Lobato was not selected in the 2014 draft and spent portions of last season with the Dolphins and Colts.

2. Everyone's starting with a clean slate.
Not only do the Bucs' QBs have a new offense to learn, they have a new position coach as well. The Buccaneers hired Dirk Koetter to be the team's offensive coordinator after he'd spent last season with the Falcons. Shortly after, the team brought in Mike Bajakian to be the their Quarterback's Coach. Bajakian had been the University of Tennessee's Offensive Coordinator in 2014.

*3. Glennon and Winston split first-team reps in the spring. *
During OTAs and mini-camp, Glennon and Winston both worked with the first-team offense, something Head Coach Lovie Smith said wasn't necessarily indicative of who was or wasn't the starter. Smith did say, though, that first-team reps would matter when training camp begins. So whoever's working with the ones on August 1st has an early leg up.

4. Jameis Winston has been busy since the end of mini-camp.
In his last press conference before departing from team facilities, Winston said that he would take a couple days off to be with his family before getting back to work. As promised, Winston's been back on the field training with his teammates. Winston posted pictures on his Instagram working with wide receivers Mike Evans and Louis Murphy, and it's safe to assume he's continued to work, whether or not the pictures have made their way to social media.

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