Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sapp: Freeman to Emerge as MVP Candidate

In a discussion on the NFL Network’s Total Access show, former Buccaneer great Warren Sapp made a bold prediction regarding his former team: young QB Josh Freeman will soon be in the MVP hunt


Anyone who has ever spent time with Warren Sapp knows this: He is not afraid to speak his mind.

So Sapp was more than ready when fellow NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes set him up with this question during a "Total Access" segment this week: By the end of the year, what is the biggest, boldest statement you'll be able to make about the NFC South?

Without hesitation, Sapp responded with what was indeed a bold statement: "Josh Freeman will be an MVP candidate."

Dukes responded with surprise but Sapp refused to be pushed off his position.

"Josh Freeman, quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will be an MVP candidate by the end of this year," Sapp reiterated.

Dukes and Sapp spent several minutes discussing what would be the division's top storyline in 2011, and they were definitely at odds with their opinions.  Dukes contended that the Atlanta Falcons would make believers out of those who questioned the dramatic trade up for Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones on draft weekend.  Sapp, however, was completely sold on Freeman, and armed with a long list of supporting statistics.

You can view the entire video segment on NFL.com here.  Make sure you watch until the end because as Sapp fans also know, he usually gets in the last word.

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