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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Social: Best of the Buccaneers May 27th

The best social media post from Buccaneers players this week.

It's OTA week and football is in the air! Yeahhhhh, buddy! It feels so good to have all 90 of the guys together again, living in perfect harmony.

Everyone was feeling good …

… Playing good

… Looking good

Hashtag, we see you Gerald! Speaking of OKC, did you see Tuesday's night game?

OKC, OKC, @okcthunder Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!! 405 stand up!!

A post shared by Gerald McCoy (@geraldini93) on

Klay is the living embodiment of the Fire emoji

— Dean's List Shawty (@AJFrancis410) May 25, 2016

Speaking of prime time TV, did you catch Wednesday's episode of the NFL Top 100 players of 2016??

Yeahhhh, buddy! Jaboo said it best, "He is Bruce Banner in the locker room but when he gets on the field, he's Hulk Smash."

Well that's all folks! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and see you bright and early Tuesday morning.

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