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Story of Hope Winner Eve Shaw


NOMINATOR: Neil Shaw (Homosassa)
NOMINEE: Eve Shaw (Homosassa)
STATUS: Survivor

3 years ago Eve had to give up her musical career as a singer to undergo double mastectomy, chemotherapy and intense radiation treatment with the hope of winning.

Not only is she a survivor of stage 3b breast cancer, double mastectomy and 2 years of complications … message to ALL, NEVER, EVER give up fighting.

Eve Shaw is an inspiration, a great singer, a fantastic cook, very giving, never lost hope and she's back! My wife, Eve Shaw fronts her own band on November 2nd at The Blues and BBQ festival in Homosassa.

We would both like to stress … PREVENTION, get a mammogram; it could save your life and save you years of pain and suffering. DO IT!

Eve Shaw, you rock my world, you are the bomb, the best and most of all A SURVIVOR!

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