Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Takeaways from Bucs OTAs: Day 6

The Bucs wrapped their second week of OTAs on Thursday. Take a look at a few notes and observations heading into the long weekend.


-Early in practice, running backs were going through pass-catching and route-running drills. I walked over just in time to see and hear rookie undrafted free agent running back Bruce Anderson get some praise from his quarterback on his path to the catch. It's going to be interesting to see how the running back room ends up shaking out with rookies like Anderson stepping up and providing viable competition to the group.

-Another note on the running backs, I've mentioned how Ronald Jones looks fast but today, he looked evasive after the catch. He caught a short screen on the outside but then was able to maneuver around defenders to gain some extra yards.

-During drills with linebackers and the secondary, rookie Devin White was hyping up his guys in the back level. Before the drill started he yelled back to the defensive backs, 'Let's get a pick right here!' They didn't get an interception on that play… but they did on the next.

-That interception came from cornerback Vernon Hargreaves on a deflection. The ball bounced out of the receiver's hands and over his head into the waiting arms of Hargreaves, who ran it back for what could have been a touchdown.

-It was the trenches turn to get a hand on the ball. This time it was Will Gholston batting down a ball at the line. Gholston looks bigger this offseason than he has in years past and could be a force against the run as well with the space he can take up.

-One thing I've noticed when watching scrimmage drills is how quickly quarterback Jameis Winston seems to be getting through his progressions. Any given play, Winston has a plethora of options between a stacked wideout group and some very effective pass-catching tight ends. It'd be enough to make anyone dizzy, but instead Winston is making quick decisions and surveying the field well.

-Those tight ends have some swagger, too. Second-year tight end Tanner Hudson made a great catch and ended up waving the ball at the defender who was on him with a smile on his face. The pair laughed it off and it was just a small example of how cohesive this team is becoming, both offense and defense.

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-When linebackers Lavonte David and Devin White aren't in on a play, they're watching intently from the sidelines and calling out checks on the current play anyway. They're an extra set of eyes identifying what the defense needs to be clued in on and are letting their teammates know what to watch. I can't stress enough how much this defense communicates. Every play you can hear guys at all different positions calling out various words that shift and align their teammates accordingly based on what they're seeing from the offense in front of them.

-Wide receiver Bobo Wilson, who has earned recent praise from his coaches had a great touchdown catch in the end zone where he reached out directly out in front of him to make the catch. The ball was so perfectly placed by the quarterback, it made the pass nearly impossible to defend as it led Wilson right into the back corner of the end zone.

-Former Buccaneer Ronde Barber was on the sidelines today taking in practice. Booger McFarland was patrolling the sidelines yesterday. And of course, you had legendary NFL coach Tom Pratt looking on in his Air Jordan sneakers. No, seriously.


Remember how I mentioned Rojo was looking evasive after the catch? He also looked evasive on his routes. He had a touchdown catch over the middle after he got behind the defense in the end zone during seven-on-seven drills.